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newbacca4 years ago
not too much, mostly vegging out, you?
Blake's reply:
Watched some football and hung out with my sister. Nothing too exciting.
Dimples4 years ago
newbacca4 years ago
just dandy, yourself?
Blake's reply:
Doing well. What have you been doing this weekend?
Dimples4 years ago
that's true! i don't care for winter in the city though, winter makes me miss my home.
Blake's reply:
Dimples4 years ago
seriously! :)
Blake's reply:
At least it will soon be here!
Dimples4 years ago
Yes yes yes to that main picture! Awesome view. Ugh, I wanna be skiing right now.
Blake's reply:
haha, yeah I know what you mean. I cant wait for it to start snowing again.
Osh1tSon4 years ago
oh know it!!!!!!!!!!!
Blake's reply:
Slightly jealous that is not in my plans this week.
Osh1tSon4 years ago
oh niceeee. getting wasted!!!
Blake's reply:
Now that sounds fun!
Osh1tSon4 years ago
pretty funnnn!! lol nah i didnt do much. how was yours?
Blake's reply:
It was pretty good. Went to the Nevada vs Cal game and then had a Soccer game on Sunday. Anything going on for you this week?
Osh1tSon4 years ago
hey there.. good and you?
Blake's reply:
I am doing well. How was your weekend? Do anything fun?
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