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The Big Bang Theory, Stepbrothers, Christofer Drew Ingle, The hangover, $$$, Horror movies, Weed, Left 4 dead, COD, True blood, Vampire diaries, Morals, ink, roadtrips, inspiration, vanilla tea, penne rosa, uppin' my indie status AND my metal status all in one day LAWLZ, socializing in a positive manner, conspiracies, saying the words cooked & wuddup, Dr.Pepper, bananas, tapioca pudding, extension cords, keds, Adobe photo editing software, hugs, forehead kisses, high fives, chill days, movie nights, genuine friendship, Waking up to cute text's, Partying, Fist pumping like a champ, Young moula baby, Rollercoasters, Starbucks & Second cup, Cheap movies on Tuesday's, Blockbuster, Twister, Strawberry mentos, Fire, Ghosts and Spirits, Obsessive compulsive disorder, Halloween, The Discovery channel, TLC, Corpses, Tombstones, Bruises, Clean sheets, My sister's keeper, Yankee candles, Body modification, Urbandictionary, Rockband & Guitar hero, Butterflies, Sidewalk Chalk, Quicksand, Anyone who will read this whole list, Wondering when the world will end, Pigs that fly, Heartagrams, Bite Marks, Blood, Thunder and Lightning, Superbad, Insomnia, Seeing and hearing things that aren't really there, Cold Pizza, Two and a half men, Lazy days, Showers, Kisses, Hugs, Getting payed, Money in general, New clothes, Jon and Kate plus 8, All nighters, Fruity body spray, Fruit, Ice cream, Gum, Hellavagood sauce, The 90's, Lolcats, Cuddling, LG keybo's, Honesty, Sunflowers, Michael Cera, Hip Hop, Screamo, Indie, Sidekicks, The joker, Spanish, Madonna, Teen Vogue, Food network, Obama, Will & Grace, Japan, Saturday Night Live, Candy, Originality, Hangovers, Photography & Gossip girl.
When I don't wake up in the morning feeling like P Diddy.
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