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Dear, You.

I'm sitting here writing you, telling you, everything is overdue,
it was all my fault and words are too late especially right now,
cause everything is over and it never meant anything until today.
I'll mark this with your smile as a label with colors so bright,
I still kiss your shadow as the sunlight hits your face where you once slept,
the pillow still is stained with your fragrance.
I still have the roses and the card held in the vase,
baby I tried and I didn't make what I wanted..cause it's all over,
I wish this was just a dream, I wish I would wake up and welcome you home, but you're gone, you're gone forever and it makes me never want to wake from what i'm sleeping from,
I need something else that can save me, something that will never turn me down or leave when i'm at my lowest and you never proven yourself, just leave and let me go,
you were always good at that, you smiled while leaving and I remember like it was 15 minutes ago, and 5 years from now, you'll be married and i'll be alone, what kind of person does that make me? I promised you no one else, I promised you, you were the only one I take home.
I wish I could welcome you home.
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