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Hey ya'll I am Amanda. I am just a plain ole Georgia peach with an accent. I am a cheerleader, I work at a tanning salon and I am goofy LoL..... I drive an 00' sebring convertible and it's my baby!
I like a lot of things.... I love being in love, having fun, being goofy, going to the movies, shopping, listening to music, cuddling, long walks on the beach, wakeboarding, tanning, jet skiing, muddin, getting in a fight with that guy and then making up thats always the best, holding hands, being in a scary movie together, watching the stars, talking for hours about the future, cocky guys, preps, abercrombie, country guys with jacked up trucks-major turn on, partying, being social, a guy who can be around the family and then turn around and be able to party, athletic
I love cocky guys but overly cocky is just way to much, guys who are loud and obnoxious, shy guys are def. cute but you need to be able to talk and get out of the box, home bodies, guys who don't like to go out and have fun
Definetly would be country.... Hell yah! I also like every other kind of music but country is def the best.
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