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FYI My Bands Gotta MySpace Now

Here' some news from my hometown of Big Iron, TX. Nice little town of about 1,000 people. We have a paper...of course we don't really need a paper to tell you the truth because everybody knows what everybody else is doing. The only reason we take the paper is to see who got caught at it!!! The girls up there are so ugly...we had a beauty contest up there one time and EVERYBODY lost!!!
I'm letting you know right now...that I am the BLACKEST WHITE MAN YOU WILL EVER SEE!!! I figured out a long time ago that I am a black man trapped in a white man's body. And Ladies....don't let this big weight fool ya...I'm blessed!!! I hit it one time and don't create nothing but stalkers. Be careful...'cause I will break your back in three different places. In the bathroom, in the kitchen and by the garage door!!!
I'm 32, I work in the Temple School District and I DJ for a Night Club on the weekends. I also have my own band and we were in Jackson, Mississippi one time opening for Elvis...that Sum Bitch never showed up. We flew in this cheap ass airline....Ed's...I had to sit in a lawn chair. They put us up in this nice hotel....Ed's, the same guy who was flying that plane. It really wasn't a hotel it was a and Ed stay in there....he's got a shower that's got one stream that comes out of it. Feels like a dog peeing on your back. If you ain't never had a dog pee on your's like a horse only softer.
What else ya wanna know? Ask me anything....there ain't no shame in my game....I'll break it down and beg like James. And you know this.....Man!!!


Anybody got one of those 11 o'clock dads? I had to be home by 11. "Say, where ya goin' Corey? Huh? You didn't ask nobody if you could go no place. What? You a man now? Well, get a job and pay for something around here. I don't care where ya go...BE HOME BY 'LEBBIN! You can tell time, can't ya? What's that clock say in the kitchen...the clock dumb ass...whats the clock say? At 11 o'clock bring your ass here...and bring me back a paper."
I had breakfast at Denny's this morning that damn place nearly made me ever eat there before? That is a shitty restaurant. I walked in there BY MYSELF and hostest asked me..."how many?" She was one of them people that you wanna ask "whats it like to be a fucking idiot? Maybe I brought 15 people I didn't know about."

Take the quiz:
What kind of drug are you?
I am Cocaine....Addictive, Expensive and Confident.
I'm a sucker for cornrows and manicured toes, Fendi Capri pants and Parisucos...nah actually what I like in a girl is as follows. I want a girl who is smart, cause I am not. I'm serious...I'm so stupid in high school I took Spanish I for 4 years. I like someone funny with a good sense of humor, sweet, caring, fun and the most important to me....honest....I want her to be with me for me not what I can buy her or for other popularity reasons.
Looks aren't all that important to me cause I am not attracted to just one certain type of girl....I am attracted to all kinds of girls. But if you got braces on your teeth...OMG that just drives me wild...there is something so incredibly sexy about braces to me. And glasses, if you wear a sexy little pair of glasses...Oh Holy Lord!
Some girl was beating on my door the other day at 4 in the mornin'...I was like what in the world? So I got up and let her out.
Most familes are quiet when they eat. Not my was fun when we Dad made it that way 'cause he always made noise and shit. "Shit, where the food? Dammit Momma come on. Huh? Pass what...I ain't passin' shit...kiss my ass!"
And my Aunt Janice...Aunt Janice could suck a neck bone like a work of art. She'd be all in it and get that white shit out...then throw it to the dog. Dog look at it like "what the hell am I supposed to do with that?"

We was poor when I was growing up.....we didn't know it though. Well, WE weren't poor...MY PARENTS were...they just drug our asses along with them. Growing up we always wanted one of those slip and slides....couldn't afford one of them so we used a Hefty trash bag it was pretty short though. You'd run slide and run your face right into the ground there.....get up all woozy..."ok you're turn Bubba..." We also had Tough Skin jeans, mom bought them at couldn't burn a hole in them things. You could drag a kid down a gravel road in Tough Skins there wouldn't be nothing left of the kid but the jeans would look brand new. I think if President Kennedy was wearing a hat made of Tough Skins he might still be with us today.
I lost some money one time. My mother gave me $10 to pay the light bill...I was crying because I knew Mama was gonna kick my ass. This white guy came up to me and asked "what's wrong with you, boy?" I told him my story and he gave me $10. Man, I was out there everyday after that just crying my ass off.
I don't like cops...I have the utmost respect for them and their job...they just scare me when I'm driving. I know I ain't doing anything wrong but I still get all tensed up. Because cops will put a hurtin' on your ass. They really degrade ya...and white folks don't believe that shit. They be like "ah, come on those people were resisting arrest. I'm tired of this harassment of police officers." That's because white folks know the police by their names. Brotha's don't know them like that. White folks get pulled over...and be like "ah, Officer Tidwell, yes, glad to be of help."
Brotha's gotta talk to the cops all loud and do a play-by-play and shit "I AM REACHING INTO MY POCKET FOR MY LICENSE! CAUSE I DON'T WANNA BE NO DAMN ACCIDENT!"
I don't know how a brotha doesn't go completely mad. You get your shit together and work all week. Then you get dressed and clean, go to the club and be driving with your woman. Then the police pull ya over "GET OUTTA THE CAR...THERE WAS A ROBBERY...NIGGA LOOK JUST LIKE YOU! PUT YA HANDS UP, PULL YA PANTS DOWN AND SPREAD YOUR CHEEKS!" Who's gonna feel like having fun after that?

I hate having crappy credit. They wont give you credit because you got crappy how are you supposed to get credit? They dig on back in your past and find reasons NOT to give you a Visa card. I sent in my application and called them about it and they told me "yeah we got it, we ran into a little problem though. We just got off the phone with your Kindergarten teacher and she said that you used to eat your boogers and you shit your pants a couple of times and you owe on some back lunch money."
I hate going to the doctor.
Ya know who the biggest liars are? WOMEN ARE THE BIGGEST LIARS. The Visual Lies!!!
You got on ain't that tall!
You got on make-up...your face don't look like that!
You gotta weave...your hair ain't that long!
You gotta Wonder Bra on...your titties ain't that big!
Everything about you is a lie...and you expect me to tell the truth...forget that!
But men do lie...we LIVE in lies!!! That's why we're so crazy...we catch ourselves living a lie. We create a whole world a lies around us.

I hate going to garage sales with my Grandmother...she embarrasses me. She wants to try shit on. Jesus, Nanny its 50 cents put in the truck. Then she wants to buy something and take it back...they don't take it back it's shit....she acts like we're shopping at Dillards. She gets up Saturday morning bright and early..."Dammit get ready all the good shit's gonna be gone, hurry up."
I am so scared of spiders & snakes. Don't ask me to kill a spider cause I will run.
And as for snakes...let me tell you this little story.
My friend and I were out Dove hunting and we hadn't seen anything ALL he says to me, "let's go hunt snakes." I said, "hell no, I don't even like to see those things on accident." If you yell "Snake!" and I see it there will be 2 movements...A Bowel Movement and a Physical Movement! 'Cause I will shit & run...I ain't kiddin'. Snakes can move without legs.....that's the's in the Bible.

Another thing that just churns my butter is when a guy hits a girl. Oh No, Buddy!!! If I see it happen I will beat the shit out of the guy...then beat him for shittin', you hearing me?
You ever wonder if you drink, drive home drunk, hit a tree, die drunk and go to heaven.....drunk? Spend eternity just drunk....that assuming we all go to heaven. If you go to Hell you might wanna be a little tipsy. Just be down there...."damn it's hot in here, where's the air conditioner in this place. There's somebody on fire over there, whats that all about? Hey Big Guy I like them horns ya got there...that little poker, that is a nice outfit." You cant be drunk and knock on the gates of heaven....God asks ya "you been drinkin'?" "Hell, I had a couple...its a long trip up here." He says "well, I'm gonna have to give you a sobriety test...can you name all 12 disciples?" You're like "uhhh, Mathew, Peter........Greg, Marsha, Cindy, Jan and Bobby? Man, I know that's the Brady Bunch just let me in there." He wont let you in there....I don't know but I'm pretty sure he won't.
And also, I know I'm fat, I don't need to be told this. If you think by calling me a fat mutha f*cker I'm gonna get mad, I won't. But tell me Popeye's Chicken is going out of business and I will burn something down!
Corey Rushing Band

All kinds EXCEPT the majority of the hard/heavy metal stuff. I'm a country boy at heart....but I am a HUGE Nelly fan. I love Nelly!!!

Country wise I like Pat Green, Gary Allen, Charlie Robison, Zona Jones, Lance Wade Thomas, Stoney LaRue, Jason Boland, Kieth Urban, Rascal Flatts, Kenny Chesney, Roger Creager, Brad Paisley, Cory Morrow, Kevin Fowler, Joe Nichols, George Strait, Garth, Lonestar, JMM, Dan Seals, Charlie Pride ect...

Rap & Hip-Hop wise I like...Nelly, Akon, Trap Squad Cartel, Dorrough, Bobby B Boys, DHS Boyz, Bigg Bill, Masta P, T-Pain, Gorilla Zoe, Jay-Z, Mystikal, Li'l John & Eastside Boys, Young Joc, Soulja Boy, Snoop Dogg, Big Pun, Ying Yang Twinz, Outkast, Joe, T.I., Twista, Li'l numerous others

Rock wise I like....Maroon 5, 3Oh!3, Franz Ferdinand, Bloc Party, Simple Plan, Hoobastank, Fountains Of Wayne, Bowling For Soup, Good Charlotte, Ataris...and the likes of them.

Pat Green puts on a hell of a show. But I suppose I should say that since he always gets me free tickets when he plays somewhere close to me.
Tracy Lawrence does a good show.
Ying Yang Twinz go off in concert.
So does Petey Pablo.

Bruce Bruce is a funny motha f*cker in concert.
R. Kelly does good concerts, too. You just gotta keep the 13-17 year old's away from the stage...HA HA HA...LOL. That's wrong...Lord, I apologize for saying that about R. Kelly & be with the starving pigmies down there in New Guniea, Amen.
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