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First off, let me clarify that yes, I am both very single and lonely. This does NOT in any way translate into me being some kind of predator or deviant, I'm not here to meet a "soulmate," or any other such garbage. But I do love women, and at the very least would just appreciate someone to talk to. If you can't handle that, then scurry on back to your high school shaped hole, you probably have a paper due or something. does one describe oneself to the warm intimacy of a blinking cursor? I am an avid lover of all things art, particularly music. Heavy music. Basically anything that effectively leaves my balls hammered to my brain chamber by songs end. Going to and playing shows is the all time driving force in my life. I love to write and perform, and nothing feels more wholesome than watching a pit of drunk sweaty mindslaves beat each other stupid as I proceed to violently puke out my convictions. In the interests of saving time and the inevitable headache that comes with trying too hard to sell yourself to a planetary mass of complete strangers, I'll just sum this up by saying that if you care enough to know about me, then ask sometime. There's nothing interesting that I could say in this paragraph that could be even remotely more impacting than the long term damage I could do to you over time. I also enjoy other facets of media dribble such as books, cartoons, video games, the occasional movie, and of course the ever engaging purple monkey dishwasher.

PERSONAL DISCLAIMER: In the recent months I've been made more and more aware of the pre-judgements that come with being who I am. At first glance I may appear as the most hostile, bitter, cynical heap of fuming rage to grace this wonderful country. While these emotions are certainly present in my daily mannerisms, they merely are symptoms of the experiences that have led to my overall current condition. That coupled with your standard stigmas and stereotypes bound by ones own insecurity weave an image that is based solely in your imagination. Give a chance to get to know me and you'll find I'm a very genuine, loyal and endearing friend. If you cross me, be assured that I will destroy you. Contrarily, if you stand by me then nothing will ever harm you while you're at my side. Listen to my words, before you convince yourself that you ever have a clue about who you're talking to.
I enjoy singing, screaming, singing, screaming some more, reading, playing guitar, getting pierced, writing, skating, working, (that's right I said it) partying, playing video games, purple monkey dishwasher, getting tattooed, playing drums, going to shows, drawing, talking to stimulating and engaging peoples, rare though they may be, watching cartoons, playing shows, just plain old jamming, (i love to mix it up with other musicians, I don't care what they fancy) I need to play music all the fuck time, playing with my son, (ninjas, pirates, robots, and dinosaurs with jet packs) he and I can stomp a mudhole of ass on Halo 3 together, (my son could own your ass with a capital P) playing shows, (existence at a climactic finest) and hopscotch.

Anyone who isn't afraid to realize how silly it all really is, no matter how desparaging life can ultimately be. Seriouly, folks we all know how much everything fucking sucks, get off your ass and change something. Any bands who need some genuine drive and conviction behind their vocalist, the time has come. Let's get out there and level the fucking planet. With that business aside, I must report that I really want to meet some people who have something to say. I need you to make me think. If you can get me to view the world a different way or even make me second guess my own beliefs, then let's talk. All in all let's just have a good time, get wasted, and maybe see if we can't break some reality down to an equation that's legible enough for the modern lost soul...
So far, a lot of the people on Realpics. Most of you seem too vain and elitist to talk to me and when you do, have very little to say. So in summation, learn to command the english language, or get over yourselves. Most of you who have been "voted in" to a "top ranking" whatever that means, are only there because a grip of sexually desperate rejects put you there in a menial attempt to weasel their way into knowing you. But I am new here, so we'll see what happens.
Threat Signal, Soilwork, Mnemic, Demon Hunter, The Agony Scene, Bleed the Sky, Byzantine, Meshuggah, Droid, Divine Heresy, Scar Symmetry, Tool, If Hope Dies, Disarmonia Mundi, Machinemade God, Sybreed, Black Market Hero, In Flames, No Assembly Required, Cannae, 3, Radiohead, Between the Buried and Me, The Classic Struggle, Straight Line Stitch, Silent Civilian, A Dozen Furies, Corruption, Caliban, Children of Bodom, Bloodsimple, August Burns Red, Slipknot, Mudvayne, Diecast, Dry Kill Logic, A Perfect Circle, American Head Charge, Killswitch Engage, All That Remains, Devil Driver, Nothingface, Spineshank, Unearth, Lamb of God, Hatebreed, Bury Your Dead, Lacuna Coil, Motograter, The Mars Volta, God Forbid, Ill Nino, 40 Below Summer, Throwdown, Deftones, System of a Down, Pantera, Kittie, Dillinger Escape Plan, Faith No More, Mr. Bungle, Mindless Self Indulgence, As I lay Dying, Trivium, Poison The Well, Ultraspank, Static-X, Snot, Soulfly, Chimaira, Avenged Sevenfold, Bleeding Through, and Dark Tranquility to name a few...And oh, how I love Japanese visual kei (i.e. Dir en Grey, Malice Mizer, Gackt, The Mad Capsule Markets)
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