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I'm Cuban,B.

The name's Dezerae.
MN born and raised.
I like to keep myself busy. Whether with work, family, friends, or other random things.
I'm a HUGE Atmosphere fan, but I like a wide variety of music.
>Tech 9, Dub FX,Classified, Doomtree, Incubus, Led Zeppelin, Tool, Ween, Eminem, &&manymore.
I love laughing. Find me anytime of the day and there's a 95% chance im smiling, laughing, or giggling at something that's probably not that funny.
I'd consider myself a pretty laid back person. I'm rarely mad.
Make my living taking care of 4 guys with disabilities.
I love it.
Going back to school in the fall for Massage Therapy.
I'm very confident, but not at all egotistical.
I'm pretty shy actually.
I love to look good, but enjoy the lazy days.
I love being outdoors.
Tattoos are a part of who I am. I love them.
I'm a sucker for brunettes.
VERY much so an optimist.
I love the smell of the fall.
I have a mustache tattooed on my finger because its funny. (We call him Sanchez)1 of about 23 tattoos.
Believes life is what you make it. Live it to the fullest.
Built forts, swam in the river and played in the dirt when I was younger.
95.8% of my childhood/adolescent years were spent in the woods by our house.
Boobs. Scruffy boys. Marijuana. Art. Hip-hop. Make-up.
Smelly people.
Ween, Racontours, Beck, Matisyahu, Cake, Led Zeppelin, Weezer, Silversun Pickup,Red Pens, Brother Ali, MSI, 5 Finger death punch, Tool, White Stripes, Manson, HIM, Gorillaz, Modest Mouse, T-Rex, George Clinton and the Parliament funkadelics, Killswitch, Bob Marley and the Wailors, Sublime, A7X, Against me, Saosin, Postal Service, Built to Spill, Metropolis, The Shins, ATMOSPHERE, Tech 9, Lords of Acid, The Presidents, Queen, Aquabats, Acid bath, Yeah yeah yeahs, City and Color, Felt, POS, Dead Weather, Dr. Dog...And many many more
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