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Yo Yo, My name is Erica, im 19, 5"3 ish about not sure about me? umm...I think Im cool, pretty funny when I want to be, I love to sing and dance and all that, going clubbing,hanging out with friends but then again who doesnt, I love music always listening to it, I listen to alot of punk and alternative but I'll listen to just about anything. Im a pretty complicated person to understand, but yet so simple if you just took the time to get to know me, I love to laugh and to make others laugh its a great feeling,I try my best to be the best friend you'll never have ...... Im really into crossbones and stuff I think its would love to learn how to play the its some pretty cool shit if you ask me..I love the winter time cause I can go snowboarding and sking and stuff..Correction I dont love the winter time anymore cause I broke my leg pretty bad so I wont be able to do anymore snowboarding or skiing for lets say the rest of my life fun huh....but if I look on the bright side winter is fucking cold...anyways Im a big time nerd I like old school stuff like the power rangers! are fucking awesome I used to play that shit when I was young..I was the yellow one it was yeah I know Im a dork but what can you do?... I love the colors pink and black :) have one bestfriend..not fifty million like most girls on this planet..Her name is Julie

This is Julie(candeekisses), my bestfriend..she's my life, I would be so lost without her , Love you forever made this..this is me and Julie my bestfriend and pretty much my sister, when we were about 9 ish? yeah we were young but its so cute... there's more of me and her

this is Julie my friend haha she's the shit, we dont talk much anymore which really sucks cause we were pretty close but we have different lives now but I hope she's doing well.. I love her still

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So I have the most amazing boyfriend in the world..and when I say the most amazing boyfriend I mean literally he's just wow perfect..We live together and he's been so suportive of me from day one, he helps me around the house, he makes sure I always have a smile on my face just by saying he loves me or telling me Im the most beautiful girl in the world to him it makes his world better and mine and I love him very much for everything he does for me. Most of you girls really have no idea what true love is, but believe me when you find it you'll know and you'll cherish it with all that you've got. I would give anything in the world for him and he would do the same ..oh and just to proove he's an amazing bf..he bought me a guinea pig just because I wanted one and we called him bacon..
........................................ I CAT! Thats my daddy sleeping haha... My grand-pa..he's the shit, I love him to death he's awesome<-3
<<-3Gotta love Napolean<-3 The ninja turtles are the Bomb diggidy! GO NINJA GO NINJA GO!

I love funny shit, I always have a funny msn display picture or something its's a couple...

And there's plenty more...but Im lazy

Anyways...I like other ...
Family Guy

The Simpsons
CSI woot woot best show ever!
My friends
Gothic art.. I know im weird but its so pretty
Dairy Queen is just amazing for everything
water fights when its +40 outside thats fun
Dislikes girls Stupid guys to whatever I dont like I used to like barbies...untill I saw this...shame on you SO TRUE! Stupid ppl this goes too..umm ex boyfriends and mind games Self explanatory! Only sometimes
Music wow I have so much.... Taking back Sunday <-3 Dashboard Confessional<-3 My Chemical Romance <-3 Silverstein..if you havent heard of them...check them out! The Julianna Theory amazing group <-3 The Used...the music of my obsession <-3
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