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I know random pieces of information, I read comics, I play video Games, I watch a LOT of T.V., Taking Pictures, Watching random people, I think too much, Doing math problems, walking around aimlessly, and making new friends, Dancing, Listening to music. Doing random things, random drives to no where, reading random articles on wikipedia, Laying in bed with nothing to do, I can kick ass, Sleeping, Helping people out, Making new friends, I ramble on with random pieces of information from wikipedia.

You can call me Fwee. My interests are Photography, Journalism, Comics, Movies, Video Games, and Writing. I would love to be a Photo Journalist as my job because I love meeting new people and taking pictures. I also love to Photoshop pictures, if you would like me to photoshop your pictures just ask and I would gladly do it.

If you would like to chat with me my aim is Tails da Fwee
My yahoo is Anidats
and Msn is

we are ready for the summer!

who wants some hot dogs?

no stealing cuz we got some guns

come on we'll have a gay'ole time
I am attracted to white guys mostly. I like nice, funny, smart guys that like to watch movies and just hang out. I really like to talk to people about things we have in common about. Would be nice to make some brand new friends along the way.
Current Love

I like to Listen to
Simple Plan
Utada Hikaru
Ayumi Hamasaki

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