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i like a guy who can make me laugh and that i can have fun with. who wants to be around someone boring all the time? not i. i make the dumbest jokes and it makes me feel weird if you don't laugh at them. (so laugh, even if you don't think i'm funny. ) i like flirty guys a loooooot. it's hard to tell if someone likes you if they don't act like it. guys who smell nice are a definite plus. affectionate guys but not overly affectionate. you know when and when not to be touchy. people who are honest, respectful, kind, etc. etc.
hypocritical Christian's--i've come across a lot of them and it's SO annoying!!!!!!!! i hate smoking. i really can't put up with it b/c it grosses me out so much. sausage is the most disgusting thing in the world and it makes me want to throw up. people who are overly immature, ignorant, arrogant, cocky (confidence is good but not toooooo much), racist, homophobic, judgemental, or greedy. people who judge me.. i'm soooo sick of it. honestly, i'm a nice person and i'll be SO sweet to you until you give me a reason not to. someone who is oppinionated but won't listen to anyone else's opinion. dish water is pretty gross... haha. umm... people who don't bathe/brush their teeth. people who diss my music...
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