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Age / Sex 30 / Male
Location Minnesota
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[rock][band] I'm looking for people to talk to and get to know and who would also like to get to know me. I'm a complete clown at times and I've been called metro as well. I suppose I can agree, I DO like to stay clean and dress up at times. What can I say? I like to look good! Does that make me more feminine than others? Or less of a man? Hahaha! According to today's society, apparently so. Oh well, take me or leave me. At least I can say I smell nice! ;)
I'm a nice guy I guess.
You could say I'm a bit of a hopeful romantic.
I play guitar, and sing.
I'm was also a ballet dancer for the NMU dance company.
I was a cheerleader for Norther Michigan University but I had to quit a while back cuz it got in the way of other obligations I had. But I liked it. Now I'm in Minneapolis and dancing isn't an option anymore, sadly.
I also work out a lot, 5-6 days a week.

]Girl-Friend Application (fill out and send it back to me) :)
Hair color and length:
Eye color:
Do you wear contacts or glasses or neither?
Favorite Color:
Favorite Food:
Country or City?
Can you dance?
If yes, what style(s)?
Favorite movie?
Favorite music/band/genre?
Do you like video games?
If yes, what types?
What religion are you?
Favorite sport? Favorite team?
Favorite drink?
Do you like coffee?
Do you like hot coco?
Would you buy me smell-good stuff?

If we were cuddling while watching a movie you would______.
a) just lay there with me enjoying the movie
b) start unbuckling my pants
c) nibble on my neck/ears and see if you can start a make out session
d) fall asleep
e) none of the above (what WOULD you do?)

Christians are _____!
a) total looneys
b) hypocritical
c) found something better than man
d) think they are better than others
e) I'm a Jesus Freak too!

If you had a sharpie and you were hanging out with me, what would you do with that sharpie?

Hopeless Romantic?
Do you like cheese?
How often do you work out?
What is your workout routine?
Are you a virgin?
If not, how many partners have you had?
Does a guys penis size really matter?
If so, do you prefer girth or length?
Are you looking for marriage?
If not, WHY THE FRICK NOT?! (Haha)
Your Native American name would mean ________.
What's your favorite Animal?
For a pet, you'd rather have______
a) big dog
b) medium dog
c) small dog
d) a cat
e) a rodent or some sort
f ) fish
g) other

You like to keep your living space _______.
a) clean
b) kindda clean
c) messy

Gag gifts are great! (Yes or No)

I like to dress modestly. (Yes or No)

I enjoy getting drunk ____________.
a) never
b) sometimes
c) all the time
d) I'm blacking out right now....
e) NO! I dont want you to take off my clothes Billy!

Do you wear make up?
a) lots
b) only enough to cover the blemishes
c) I don't use it
d) Maybe just a little bit

Do you wear nail polish?
If yes, what colors (dark, vibrant/bright, light, clear, etc...)?
What's your dieting habit like?
a) fast food at all times!
b) healthy as often as possible
c) vegitarian/vegan
d) if it's edible, what the hell... right?
e) Pretty average with a hint of junk food.
f ) what's food?

In 5 words or sentences, describe yourself. (exp of 5 words: sporty, fat, giddy, sad, hairy)

Anything else you would like to add to this application? :D

In all honesty, that application was for fun... answer it honestly or as a joke, I don't care :)
In a girl:
Modesty in her body, but knows how to stay fit.
Fit/toned (I work out daily, I'd like a workout partner)
Doesn't need a guy to justify her.
Respect for Theatre of all kinds and enjoys seeing performances
A lil competativeness is cute as long as it doesn't get to serious.

Just becuz:
Star gazing
Punk Rock
Aphrodisiacs (like strawberries and celery and artichokes...)
I love it when a girl plays with my hair
And YOU if you check out my myspace!


I just thought this smiley was funny :) haha! --> [butt] I also LOVE to dance! Swing danceing is great! [waltz] Course, like I said before, ballet is awsome too!
If you have NE questions, just ask me. I'm very open.
People who judge before they KNOW.
Alchohal Abuse
Bad Hygiene of any type
Intolerance (if I can tolerate you, I expect the same in return)
[rock][band][0pity]Relient K, Slick Shoes, Mae, John Rueben, KJ 52 (that's five two not fiftytwo), Thousand Foot Krutch, Kutless, Skillet, Hope Through Clarity, Pillar, Demon Hunter, Hawk Nelson, 12 Stones, Emery, Flatfoot 56, War of Ages, Becoming the Archetype, Nate Sallie, Newsboys, Barlow Girl, Falling Up, Grits, David Crowder Band, Chris Tomlin, Jeff Deyo, Casting Crown, Manic Drive, Third Day, Run Kid Run, Hillsong United, Grits, goes on...
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