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I Eat

I Sleep

I Shit

I'm that motha fucka that has your girl on lock day or night
no matter what the bitch is on my jock
but nothin beats when shes strokin my cock
jaw rockin pussy poppin we them sick ass Killaz that roll deep underground where we dont fuck around. we'll straight murder your ass

Fucken hoes never two in the same
gettin pussy everyday like its a fucken game
not lookin to make a name
I'm just clinically fucked up mentally insane
I love the sound of a hoe screaming no as her panties hit the floor
but dont worry as soon as i bust my nut bitch I'm heading for the door

Bitch I'm high on death and drunk on revenge

close your eyez bitch this aint no motha fucken dream
I'm here to fuck you raw and make you cream
as you cum you begin to scream
when you wake up you wont fucken believe this
6 monthes later I killed the fetus

You act like you didnt know I'm too sick
I'm quick to rape a slut and murder a bitch
as I sit there I give her neck a slit jus to hear her skin rip
not givin a fucken hittin that ass as the blood dripz
I got this hoes life in my hands weather she lives or dies
the answers are so clear I've been waiting for this bitchez demise
the solution is no suprise the bitch dies

{2 Sides To Every Rapper}


I swear I want you in my life I put that on anything
all I want is the chance to make you my everything
theres no one like us that go together
when I look into your eyes its so simple I want you 4ever
I need you in my life its so clear why your here and
why them other hoes are no where near
bitches are always acting shady
jellous ass tricks trying to get in between me and my lady
but they need to respect the fact shes my one and only MY BABY

Bitch you had my dick but shes the one with my heart
its been that way from the start
you cant fucken tear us apart

Baby I'll never let you go
your my one
and to let you know
cant no one take your place
I know it's true by the look you have up on your face
my babys always down to ride
and for that baby I'll do fucken anything Id even fucken die

Well if you dont like me suck my asshole

Sex, Gummy Bears,Budweiser

I come with the wicked spit that sick shit that horror shit that makes you wanna puke bitch


Gangsta Shit
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