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Age / Sex 26 / Female
Location coconut creek, Florida
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Sexuality Bisexual
Ethnicity Caucasian
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Forum title Out the E-womb
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"Its Just like Touching Yourself, You Know Every Fucking Spot To Hit, Its Amazing And In the End Its Like Fucking Fireworks, Just Like A Supernova..."

Her Desktop! XD! Smexy Huh?

"I Might Be Catching So Don't Touch You'll Start Believeing Your Immune To Gravity And Stuff"

She Goes By Teh Name Of Gems Or Mostly By Lil Bunny

She's Lil (4'11) But Bouncy

She's A Biter By Nature

She's Her Own Bestfriend

"You'll Notice Something Funny If You Hang Around Here For Too Long Ago In Some Black Hole Before They Had These Pills To Take It Back I'm Half Jill...And Half Jack..."

She Use To Believe In Forever

... Then She Grew Up

She Welcomes Everything With A Warm Embrace

She Wears Her Heart On Her Sleeve

come and test me test me

i'm gonna lick out your brains

mothers wanna hang with the meth bring the rope

cuz the only way you hang is by the neck

She Loves Her Beautiful Dead Dolly Ace!

"Possibly Maybe...Possibly Maybe Possibly Love"

Love Cuts On Her Body

She Gets Turned On By Lip Rings

She Loves Pop Rocks -N- Coke

She Love Cameras Shes A Camera Whore

She Gets Off On Making Out During A Thunder Storm

Things She Thinks Is The Sex

(( °ºKoda Kumiº° ))
(( °ºMiyaviº° ))
(( °ºKyoº° ))
Yeah Likes Is Ganna Continue Here

Look What Matt Did XD! He Made Me A SIM O.O Oh And Whats This His Sim Loves Mine Bum Bum Bummmm....

She's Totally In LOVE With Party Monster

"They Only Want You When Your 17 When Your 21 Your No Fun"


People Who Down Rate Other People Just To Get Higher If Your Not Ganna Put Good Dont Fucking rate The Person ... And But Downrating Others Your Ach. Nothing FUCKERS!

When Dumb Ass People Add Me First Off With Out Commenting On Here And Second Off Asking Me About Sexual Things... I DONT KNOW YOU WELL ENOUGH TO SHARE!... You Cum Bucket!

Having All My Make-up Run Off After Crying Or It Raining

Her Daddy Sneaking Up On Her And Scaring The Shit Outa Her
Nile-Dir En Grey-Malice Mizer-Pig Destroyer-My Ruin-Cradle Of Filth-Dimmu-Manson-Prick-Pulp-Oasis-Republica-Blur-Babylon Zoo-Power Man 5000-Zeromancer-X Japan-VnV Nation-Velvet Acid Christ-Lorads of Acid-Underworld-The Black Dahlia Murder-Shadows Fall-Otep-Orgy-Opeth-Norma Jean-Muderdolls-Napalm Death-Motograter-Morgoth-Morbid angel-Mastadon-Luna Sea-Lamb Of God-London After Midnight-Lacuna Coil-Kill Hannah-Kidney Thieves-Incubus Succubus-Iggy Pop-David Bowie-Hate Eternal-Gwar-Godhead-God Forbid-Elastica-Dying Fetus-Delta Goodrem-Decapitated-Dark Funeral-Cannibal Corpse-At The Gates-Arch Enemy-Amon Amarth-Skinny Puppy-Boy George-Billy Idol-Bloodhound Gang-Men Without Hats-Queen-Bjork-Wumpscut-Gackt-The Doors-Rammstein-Korn-Gackt-Alanis Morissette(old stuff)-Etta James-Butthole Surfers-Duran Duran-Metaallica-Misfits-Ozzy-Prodigy-Utada Hikaru-Vanessa Mae-Shiina Ringo-Whitney Huston-Rob Zombie-Garbage-MSI!!!!!
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