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[color=#000099][b]My name is Mauro and i am Italian and i live in Italy!! [wave]
Now it's to difficult explain myself!! I am really complicated! Try to understeand me {If you can [wink]} Just say...I am SweeeeeeT

LoL some times i am MaD ehehehe [hyper] [giving] eh eh!! i am cook i can do many delicious dishes!! do you wanna try them?? [bigsmile]
I Love travel araound the world..i visited many country and i will visit many others!!
I love Martial arts too Kung fu it's great! [yes]
I am an online game player just of Unreal Tournament 2004 {Ut2k4} woaa wonderful game [clap]
I like msn too {ask me my e-mail ... i will be glad to give that to you}
I Like girls eh eh that's sure [kisshand]
Ma friends are ma life {hi Paul..Ema..Miguel..Fabios(lol plural)Simon...Sandruz....awaa so on ahahah [wee]}
[color=#330099][/color]Uhm...sincerly...i don't know i gotta think at it!!
[color=#330066][/color]Music...LoL Metal of course {Power, Heavy, Epic, Sinphonic,Progressive, Speed} but not just Metal..something else too.... [rock]
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