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Kirk Jerome Padron, We will miss you more than you think.
We will never forget you
I love you bro.
Hope you're doing better now ];
See you sometime.


Her Name is Jennie
She was Brought into This World on oh one.fifteen.ninteen eighty-seven
She is one of The Most Amazing People You'll Ever Know
She is Nice ;; Caring ;; Sweet && Beautiful
Although She is Sweet ;; if You Piss Her off ;; You'll Be Sorri
She Likes To Keep Her Life Drama Free ;; Keep it Awai
Also ;; She is Taken By Tha Love of Her Life ;; Jeremy
So Tha Means ;; Dont Flirt With Her
She Likes To Hang out At The Beach ;; She Makes Her Bathing Suit Hott
She Likes To Play Hockey ;; She Scores All The Points
She Plays Volley Ball ;; && Does one Hell Of a Job At it
She Likes To Play Tennis ;; Shes Better Then You
She Likes Going Swimming ;; She Swims Better Then a Fish
She Likes Playing With Her Dogs ;; They act Like Kids
She Likes To Do Anything That Concerns Jeremy
She Likes To Eat Chocolate
She thinks the words Pedophile ;; Penis && Head are Funny
She'll make you even laugh with her Snorts
She hates people who backstab
&& lie to others ;;
She'll let you know it :]
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