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I'm 21, straight, and plan to have kids much later in life. One thing about me that I hold very serious, is that I don't prejudge people. I am very selfless and deep and--instead of one friend I have *hint-hint*--I especially don't prejudge people based on their race, but on their PERSONALITY. If they are cool to me, and like me as a person, then I am all for having a friendship with that person. I'm easy to get along with, and just like to do whatever interests me. I like to hang out with my friends and chill with them whenever I'm free. I currently have a cell phone. I have lived in Santa Monica all my life and love it here, but I've been here to long! I do want to eventually see the world, break out of my norm, daily grind....
Great Personalities, fun people, intelligence, great days. In-line skating, acting impersonations, scooters, biking, hiking, swimming, movies, working out, art, graphic design, girls, Jesus, Christianity, Santa Monica, Agoura Hills, waterfalls, singing, techno, movies, being active and traveling places.
Assholes, Dumbsh*ts, Non-Personality People, self-centered.Those days.
Raver,Techno, Trance, Dance, Electronica, Metal, Country, Hip-hop, Slow, Soundtracks, Rap, metal, heavy metal, rock, hard rock, soft rock, shock rock & Everything but death metal, good beats but the artists' voices won't last too long!........
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