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Unorganized notes about me:

I grew up on a farm. There was a deer that used to come in the house. Somewhere I have a picture of her in the living room.

My marital status is set to n/a because of somebody that I've met online. Her mind >* and she's shapetacular.

-worked on a llama ranch.
-delivered more newspapers than anybody needs to.

Amusement Park
-made an adult man pee his pants when I worked in a haunted house.
-some kids prosthetic arm fell off when he went down the slide I was supervising.
-worked as the night watchman some weekends and got to run around the whole park when nobody else was there.

I worked on a blimp crew one summer. There was a Bare Naked Ladies concert in Foxfield Massachusets and I was in the blimp flying around.

One day instead of going to work I went to Las Vegas instead. After that I drove around Arizona, Utah, and California by myself for about a week.

Sometimes I can't think of what to say, or I'm busy thinking about something else so I'll paste in responses to your comments from a chatbot

Have whatever kind of day you want to have.:)
Shapes, especially female<-3 shapes. I also enjoy flavors, aromas, textures, sounds, thoughts, life, and things that are weird.

Animals. Yes, I know they're shapes, but they deserve their own list.

Pets I've had:
mice, rats, cats, dogs, fish, snakes, a bat (only for a week), a squirrel, guinea pigs, frogs, turtles, tortoises, lizards, ducks, chickens, peafowl, rheas, cows, a donkey, a goat, pigs, salamanders, scorpions, a black widow spider, and ants

Especially ants. One of my hobbies is myrmecology, which basically means I like ants more than normal people do.

The more things you like, the less things you don't.:)

Man shapes. Guys are ok to talk to and climb rocks with, but I don't enjoy touching them very much.

Sometimes I might say I dislike certain asymmetric triangles, but I'm just joking about that.
Some of the concerts I've been to:

Blue Oyster Cult
Bob Dylan (twice)
Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers
Grateful Dead (twice)
Midnight Oil
Oingo Boingo (twice)
Dave Brubeck

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