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tina242 months ago
my name is Tina i will like to be your friend, please send your email address to my box,( so that i will send my photo to you and tell you more about me, i want for your soonest reply, have a
nice day.
Haxsys3 months ago
Hey babey
bucks5 months ago
I'm juan, get it right
plies5 months ago
More than reciprocated, Eugene
bucks5 months ago
My name has been the same for so long, you're the one who disappeared
bucks1 year ago
my name isn't Manny
WeedNeedsMe1 year ago
Oh Gene...
bucks1 year ago
bucks1 year ago
no, you're thinking of manny
NagafkiSurprise1 year ago
Where do I send clippings
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