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[1] I am short, asian/pacific islander.
{2} I think a lot. Too much, actually.
[3] I really don't care what others think of me.
{4} I like cute things.
[5]And soft things
{6} I like even numbers.
[7] I dislike odd numbers.
{8} I'm friendly, but shy. I love having long conversations with people. I hate when people answer with one word.
[9] I love dogs.
{10} I don't do anything but reply on this site.
[11] I'm cursedly literal about everything.
{12} I seriously give -everyone- tens. I really don't give a damn.
Bounce bounce bounce bounce.

Thats about the sum of it.

Music. All kinds.
Video Games I used to be big on console games, but now I'm a PC gamer.
I want to
Travel some day... To everywhere. Greece, France, Japan, etc.
Collecting Cute Cuddly Oddities is a hobby of mine. I collect many things.. Spawn action figures, TY beanie babies, video game crap, cards, dragon items, books, weapons, basically anything that appeals to me.. And especially stuffed animals. <33
Books are another passion. I have a huge imagination, and I love to read.
Biting People is saying "I enjoy your company." A love bite.
I'm a bloody sucker for Pretty Faces on anyone. <-3
I love to Write in my free time, or when I get motivation.
Draw when I have motivation. It's not a lot, but the results please me.

NOAH. I love my Noah. I am Noah's. Get over it.

~I like everything except the things that I dislike, logically~
The single minded, rude, obnoxious, dense kind...

People tragically born without a personality.

I hate TV. Its pointless and brain frying. Rent a porno, thats all TV is these days.

~Close-Minded Humans~
I pity people who seriously think everything they care about is all that there is.

I get annoyed by religions very easily. =/

~Egotistical People~
People who think so highly of themselves you have to tie a string to their ankle to keep them from flying into their crack cloud.

Get a life. What are you going to do, say to your friends, "Yeah, this bitch got ahead of me on ranking so I downrated her and now I'm number 1!"
Really, what the fuck are you doing.

~Girls That Leave Nasty Comments~
Honestly, are you serious? Why are you being a bitch on the internet. Especially trying to make someone feel terrible by saying (quote) "Your photos make me throw up out of my eyes." What has that accomplished other than to show what a bitch you are? If you're going to be rude don't bother commenting, because I will delete it and block you. I don't care if you downrate me, I'm not here to get a stupid top ten.

~Girls Who Put Semi-Naked Pics Of Themselves~
There is more to the internet than putting slutty pics of yourself online just so you get attention. =/

~Rap - The Modern Kind~
The ones that sing about "banging hoes", "shooting up niggas", drugs, drinking, blah blah, are all pretty darn annoying to me.

- Complain, complain, bitch, whine, groan -
Love music. <33
I only like songs. I don't care who the band/singer is, I don't care what genre it is, and I don't care how old it is. I do not have a favorite band, genre, or anything. I'll list them if I even like one of their songs.

To name a few bands that I like their song(s) ..
Panic! At The Disco - The Smashing Pumpkins - System Of A Down - Kittie - Linkin Park - Garth Brooks - Flogging Molly - The Killers - Barenaked Ladies - Nirvana - Alice In Chains - Metallica - Blink182 - Martina McBride - Good Charlotte - Bowling For Soup - OZone - Rippin Kitten - Jem - Eminem - Green Day - My Chemical Romance - The Used - Atreyu - Maroon 5 - Voltaire - Phil Collins - Savage Garden - Mest - Sade - Sting - The Police - The Faint - Tim McGraw - DJMystic - The Cranberries - Rammstein - Korn - Cradle Of Filth - Vanessa Carlton - Nightwish - Xandy Barry - Lit - The Offspring - Many Many More.

I really truly don't care if you don't like any of those bands.
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