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|sweetest person you will EVER know|easy to get along with|obviously easy to fall in love with|i have a fragile hear-it's been broken many MANY times|it's okay don't feel bad for me-im a tough chick!|
|i heart music|tobymac|kutless|pillar|breaking benjamin|green day|coheed and cambria|chevelle|slipknot|hoobastank|linkin park|seether|evanescence|good charlotte|switchfoot|story of the year|kittie|kissing|guys with tats and piercings|sexy girls|amy lee|gwen stefanie|avril lavigne|lindsay lohan|sexy guys|mike shinoda|doug robb|eyes|black and white pictures|hip lines|brown eyes|anything green|pickle juice|anything black|dreams|storms|rain|long showers|not matching|elephants|ripped jeans|carebears|blues clues|spongebob|nemo|bacon bits|foxracing|mustangs|

|jealous ppl|insecure ppl|big hugh muscles on guys|people who "flaunt" what they have to get attention i.e. their cars/trucks/bike, muscles, attention whores in lil to no clothing who really aren't atractive in the first place|wanna-be's|cocky*ness|stupies|internet perv's|television|stupid questions-and yes there is such a thing|abercrappy and shyt:yeah they have some cute clothes but you know what the shyt falls apart the first time you wash it, not to metion you are required to be a fukin twig and weight lesss then 100 pounds to fit in the the girls clothing... i dont know about the guys stuff but i know you guys look sexy in it :)|
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