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****Names Amanda i have 7 piercings i work at hollister and i love it**** if your a hottie comon get ya some ...waiiiit i may have said it wrong oh well sounds good to me hahaha
***If u want to get to know more hit me up on aim.. ...I PROMISE you'll be wanting seconds***
****Im a hottie who knows how to have fun.....YEEEEHAWWWW! :-D****
*BMW'S*The color purple*purty smiles*country music*lip rings*tounge rings*brow rings*shaggy hair*green eyes*blonde,black or brown will do*hollister and abercrombie styles OMG!* kisses on the neck*denali's*biting*hickeys*hearin a guy moan*(LMAO) JACK,JIM,AND CROWN..YUMMY!*surfers*UGA*cuddling*flirting*holding hands*lip gloss*getting butterflies*snowboarders*SOCCER*bonfires*MUD*fresh cut grass*thunderstorms*being TAN*speed*ice cubes*coldness*cherry coke*good ol' country boys*
*feet!*cant take the word no!*cheater*liars*smokers*the color black..well sometimes ;)*ugly ppl*fat ppl*FAKES*stupidity*shy guys*not open minded*cocky...well can be sometimes but not all the time*perverts*old ppl hitting on me*nosey ppl*DRAMA*minute men*stalkers*sloppy kissers*bad dancers*man whores*TAN LINES*hairy ppl*speed bumps* a neat freak cant be picky all the time...tho*

*Tim Mcgraw*

*Brooks n Dunn*

*Joe Nichols*

*Gretchen Wilson*

*Mark Wills*

*Diamond Rio*

*George Strait*


*Lil Scrappy*


*lil jon*

*crime mob*

*kilo etc .....*
damn all them rappersand theres still tons more!

**punk etc**



*taking back sunday*

*three days grace*


*shinedown *



*vevelt revolver*

*green day*

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