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My name's Kat and I'm 18 years old. I'm a giant @ 5'10" [hazel eyes, lightbrown hair, etc] Fav colour is orange [bigsmile]. I value my friends above almost everything, mess with them and u mess with me. lolz.
Uhm - I like starbursts, been clubbing ONCE in my life and like cats... a lot.
Please don't try to get me to give you my e-mail, it's not gonna happen. I don't believe in the whole online-show-me-your-ass thing. So f**k off thanks! [bigsmile]
My favs:
*> T/F&Soccer
*> Ice cream and pizza (not together...ew)
*> My computer, cell and iPod
*> Shopping
*> A really good sleep...omg <3
*> Reading!! I love to read... my guilty pleasure. shut up :)
*> Pretty sunsets and such... I'm kinda sappy that way?
*> Sunshine......
*> All my friends *hugz*
x- Needles, Open Water, Heights: phobias [wah] shut up!
x- Cooking, I will most likely end up poisening u..
x- Work...
x- Brussel sprouts, Cooked/glazed carrots *shivers* and Cauliflower
x- Jazz
x- People mixing up You're, your, too, to, two, we're, were, etc GAH!
x- fighting [wah]
x- Scary movies. I seriously WILL NOT GO SEE THEM. period.
x- Cloudy days, they seriously depress me
x- Pollution - SAVE THE TREES!!! *hugz trees*
OK so I'm not even going to START to list all my favorite songs...
But i have two favorite songs EVER.
*/* First Cut is the Deepest - Sheryl Crow
*\* Superman - Five for the Fighting.

Yeah - some fav bands/artists:
*/*Billy Talent
*\* Sean Paul
*/*Three Days Grace
*\* Kelly Clarkson
*/*Rankin Family
*\* All-American Rejects
*\* Avril Lavigne
AND IT GOES ON AND ON... trust me

Jazz... ok so I donno, it just really .. like... DONT LIKE JAZZ. basically.
My Chemical Romance. It's not personal. I just don't like their music.
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