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Age / Sex 28 / Female
Location Jacksonville, Florida
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Last Online October 26, 2009
Sexuality Heterosexual
Ethnicity Caucasian
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Forum title Out the E-womb
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My Autobiography
Ft. Crystal Marie

[ The Girl ]
Shes Beautiful On The Outside
But Is Falling Apart On The Inside

She Gets Hurt Easily
She Cares About You More Than You'll Ever Know
Fake Relationships Aren't Her Thing
Shes There When You Need Her
But Are You There For Her?
Shes The Easiest Person To Get Along With
Shes A Country Girl;; YEEHAW!
She's Addicted To Cherries
Sometimes She Cant Show Emotions
She Gives The Best Advice Out There
She's Funny&&Laid Back
She's As Sweet As Candy
Always Respectful
She's A Country, Pop, Rock&&Rap Fan
She Loves Taking Pictures
Her Favorite Color Is Baby Blue
Shes Loud&&Extremly Outgoing
&&She Has 2 Wonderful Bestfriends

I'm Going To
L.i.v.e My Life
As I Choose

If I Cut My Hair
If I Change My Clothes
Will You
N o t i c e M e

My Dreams Lie
Just B e y o n d
The Horizon
[ The Story Of My Life ]
Sorry! There's Been A Mistake
I'm' Not The Girl
You Want Me To Be

Not All Those Who Wander
Are L.o.s.t
If's Its Really Love
It Will Find You
[ Likes ]
Music. SmiLes. EyeS.
DaNciNg. Parting.
* Love *
FriEnDs. Laughing.
KidS. CuddLing.
* Kissing *
DaTing. MoVieS. CaR RiDeS.
CluBBing. DriNking. Singing.
* Acting Like A Kid *
Jumping In A Pile Of Leaves.
SiNgiNg. SigN PicS.
* Playing In The Snow *

Let's Flip A Coin
Head's We'll Be Together
Tail's, We Flip Again.

I'm Looking For Real
* Love *
Inconvenient, Consuming,
Cant Live Without Eachother
* Love *
-- Love
I Dont Need Anyone
Everyone Forgot Me
But, Through Time We'll
S m i l e && R e c a l l
How For Just
We Had It All

Trying To F.o.r.g.e.t Someone
You Loved, Is Like Trying To
R e m e m b e r Someone You
Never Knew.

Abuse. StuCkUps. Drunks.
DisResPecT. BeiNg SiCk.
* People Who Judge Me *
MeaN PeOpLE. Backstabbers.

Ending It With Someone You Love
Seeing Him With Another Girl
Knowing He May Never Come Back

Give Me O n e More Drink
&&I Swear I Think I'll Be Ready
To Make The Same M.i.s.t.a.k.e.s Again
Wihtout You
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