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Born in Cali, raised in Hawaii. Hawaiian, Chinese, Caucasian with a kind heart and a violent dispositon when fucked with. I am a walking contradiction: Engineer by day, party animal by night; shy at times yet overconfident at others; I am a one of a kind man, but have the time and energy for every kind of girl.
Girls...Partying, sports, gambling, fishing, surfing, fighting, arguing (anything that gets the adrenaline going)... Nice cars, chicks who drive lifted trucks yet are sexy little things. I love double Grey Goose 'n tonics with double limes, and chilled Crown Royal Reserve shots. I like killing hangovers with early morning beers and bong hits.
Shitty movies, long lines, stupid and slow drivers, anything reality TV, guys who act tough and back out when the shit hits the fan...Step up bitches.
My lifeblood is music. Take it all: reggae, Rap, Hip-Hop, metal, hawaiian, blues, rock (classic), jazz and latin.
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