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im not knew ive been here before

The names mark. a.k.a designated asshole.

love me or hate me but whatever u choose move on with life ty have a nice day.

btw give me ones i dont care

this is my care leve on that subject
boating and anything to do with it.
wakeboarding and waterskieing, tubing, parting on gull island and muscamoot bay.

U know how weee do. if u dont know well u missing out.
stuck, fake, and lying bitches, all of u can suck my ass, get off my fucking page bitch.

fake ass gangsters to take ur as home to momma. ur scared go to church bitch.

fall in to these catagories get the fuck out!

Whats with how people take pictures nowadays dont people take normal fucking pictures anymore seriously....

emo is out go take a pill and cry on ur own time
whatever i feel like making my speakers knock with.

if u cant figure that out u need to take a hike.

For the record theres some ugly ass top gurls on this site. haha

i understand guys will be guys but this is a rating site stop lurking my page! go look at some tits and ass man
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