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sinkingships11 months ago
Well fuck! Can't I choose D now?
errbodyluvMONEY's reply:
you always choose the D :/
sinkingships1 year ago
Listen you made me pick! I don't like any of them [sobbing]
errbodyluvMONEY's reply:
Should've chose (D.) None of the above
sinkingships1 year ago
errbodyluvMONEY's reply:
Gross. :)
Elsa1 year ago
i liike the paranormal and anything involving exorcism OH or insidious. where the kid astroprojects.
errbodyluvMONEY's reply:
I like random unexpected scares as well. Cabin in the woods confused the shit out of me initially. Thinking of, I wanna go camping lol
If you could wake up anywhere in the world tomorrow where would you wanna go
Elsa1 year ago
idk i'm way too picky about them, now that i've finally actually watched all of the saw movies in order and saw the end, the story line kinda blew my mind. But I get pissed at most scary movies, I just feel like there are so many opportunities for people to escape, but no. let's go find the rest of my friend after finding his decapitated head. you?
errbodyluvMONEY's reply:
I love the saw series and have enjoyed the paranormals for some unknown reason. I know what you mean about the irritating/stupid factors. I always think of the strangers with that. I want to see the new purge
Elsa1 year ago
yeah it's definitely more of a female empowering disney movie rather than a "i need a man to live." lol it was definitely overhyped though. that's how i feel about the conjuring though, people were telling me it's the most amazing thing in the world, so i expected something that would blow my mind
errbodyluvMONEY's reply:
I would agree on both accounts. What is the best scary movie you saw last?
Elsa1 year ago
lol i will take this as a compliment. p.s. what did you think of the movie
errbodyluvMONEY's reply:
It was cool no pun intended, but I feel it was overhyped from everyone recommending it, kinda disappointed he didn't even get to kiss her to save the day lol
dulce1 year ago
ones you've used so far have made me giggle. all in good fun, I suppose. do what you will :)
dulce1 year ago
hahaha, what. only because most of them are extremely lame :P
errbodyluvMONEY's reply:
i'm sorry to say i have so many more awful ones, but i'll spare you
dulce1 year ago
donut, who?
errbodyluvMONEY's reply:
donut make you laugh when people tell knock knock jokes?
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