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Enter My Danger Zone Make Me Moan Danger Pron

Think of Me As A Friend
A family Member
Or Someone you once knew
Or Better Yet , Think of Me as You
I Have 53 piercings And 12 Tattoos .
Im Really A Nice Person to Everyone
I dye my Hair alot
There are days where im Outgoing and bubbly And there are days i can get abnormally quiet
I like older guys and i dont believe age is a issue
I'm Protective
And my friends are crazy
Ive Been known to be a bit Bi curious
I was born in Montreal but i cant speak French to save my life.
I Love Being out side when its Storming
Im Scared of Fatal Diseases
Im not that smart, but then again i dont try
I have alot of issues , but dont we all?
Disney movies make me cry
im a BIG computer geek
I Drink and do Drugs Rarely
I love Animals
I do piercings and i want to get a apprenticeship as soon as i come of age, im pretty good at it and i want to make a living from it one day- If that fails I make and edit movies, mainly music videos, There pretty good too, ill post one when i can
if you wanna find out more about me..
email me
or add



Something you learn after being on this site long enough is,
The perfect people are always #1 they get to show off on a site for REAL people
when everything about them is FAKE
and the sad truth is
Not everyone Is a Modal or ever will be.
Maybe They should let the Oddballs Have The spotlight for once.
But thats wishful thinking.
Making People Laugh
My friends
The Smell of Addias
Making Movies
Out Going people
Finding Strays ( that dont attack me)
safety pins
Guys with tattoos/piercings
Going to New places
road trips
Helping People
going out late at night

Perverted Guys
Slutty girls
Non Natural Blonde's
Girls who think there fat
How most stuff in school you actually dont need in real life
Taking medication
The wet flip flop feeling
Having fish bite my toes,
The smell of all dressed chips
Crack heads
Intense druggies
Being called constantly by someone i don't like
Guys who think they can pick up girls online
People who try to make them self seem tough
Geting Gifts
Being Judged
Immigrants who Abuse theyre Freedom
Being used
Whight Loss Infomercials
The thought of Dieing and everything im feeling and seeing will be over forever
Having a rock in my shoe
Holding a Grudge
Not having at least 5 dollors change in my pocket
Feeling Restless
Strong Ascents
Those people who offer you to try something when your walking threw a mall
Thinking about blinking
Rude people
Some other stuff..
I Love Music with a good beat
Techno Is amazing
but i also like ICP
and probibley some stuff you havent heard of before
but im open to all kinds of music ..
i can't stand
Job for a cowboy
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