Frequently Asked Questions


What is a salute?
It's a photo of you holding a hand-written sign including your username @ It can be written on paper or any other object such as your hand or a cd. It simply proves that you are the person you claim to be. It shows that you're REAL.
Why was my salute deleted?
Picture approvers (called PA's for short) may mistakenly approve a salute that doesn't follow the guidelines. Our PA's are human and humans make mistakes. It is your responsibility to read the salute guidelines and follow them. If your salute does not follow the guidelines it may be deleted at anytime and all salute only settings will go back to default (disabled).

The salute guidelines are posted in the "Salute" section in "My Account".
Why is my salute required to be lined or colored if saluting with paper?
It's harder to fake a salute if the paper is originally colored or lined. On other rating sites the majority of the people saluting use white paper, which allows anyone to easily alter and use it on other sites. You don't only help us in assuring your salute is real. You help yourself by creating a hard to alter salute. We don't want anyone faking you just as much as you don't.
Why can't my salute say "RP" when "" and "SocialExp" are allowed?
"RP" can be easily altered to be initials of other sites. Other sites initials can also be easily altered to be "RP". For example, RP is similar to BP. FB is similar to RP. FP is initials of not only one but two other sites, which is similar to RP. "" and "SocialExp" are hard to alter. This helps us assure your salute isn't stolen from another rating site and helps keep other people from stealing your salute.


Why won't my photo upload?
Most of the time it will tell you why it did not upload and these are the requirements:

• It cannot be over 200KB (204,800 bytes) in filesize. To see what filesize your photo is, right click and select Properties.
• Photos have to be in JPEG format and these are files with the .JPG extension.
• You must click the Browse button and select the photo you want to upload.

When you upload a photo that is too large in filesize, sometimes it will not tell you anything at all (because of server limits). If this is happening, it is a good indication that your photo is too large. You will need to resize it with image editing software.
Why is my photo not being accepted because it was taken using a camera phone or other similar device?
Some camera phones and similar devices create non-standard JPEG images, which are not supported. You must re-save your photo using image editing software to create standard JPEG images. This can be done with Microsoft Paint and instructions are included below.

Note: This will only work for Windows XP and above. Different image editing software will have to be used, such as Adobe Photoshop or ArcSoft Photo Impression if you do not have Windows XP.

Step 1: Click Start > All Programs > Accessories > Paint.
Step 2: Click File > Open.
Step 3: Select the photo you are trying to upload.
Step 4: Click File > Save.
Step 5: Try uploading your photo again.

Voting System

What is required to be ranked or included in the toplists?
To be ranked or included in the toplists (guys and girls), you must have an approved salute. You also need 80 votes.
Why does it say "Preference Restriction"?
This means that the user does not allow you to vote. Users are able to specify who they do not want voting on them according to sexualities, genders, non-saluters, and new members. For example, if they select "Heterosexual Males" and you are a heterosexual male you aren't allowed to vote.

Having this feature has the tendency to make some users create a fake account of the opposite sex in order to downvote. We will warn you now. Everything is logged and one day your fake account will be found and it will lead to you, which will not be good for you or your real account.

To change your own voting preferences go to My Account > Settings and click the Preferences button.
When I vote on someone why does it add 4, 3, or 2 votes and not just 1?
Each voting category (Physique, Personality, Style, Profile) is counted as 1 vote. Voting on all 4 categories is not required. You could vote on just Physique and then go back and vote on the other categories later.


What is RPCode?
RPCode was originally called BBCode. We decided to give it a custom name to go with the site. RPCode is a special implementation of HTML. RPCode itself is similar in style to HTML: tags are enclosed in square braces [ and ] rather than < and > and it offers greater control over what and how something is displayed on various sections of the site.
Where can I use RPCode and how do I use it?
RPCode can currently be used in profiles, comments, and forums. RPCode in comments, however is limited to only formatting your text - You cannot quote or insert images in comments. In the near future you will be able to use RPCode in RP Mail.

Current RPCode tags:
[quote][/quote]   [img][/img]   [link][/link]   [color=][/color]   [b][/b]   [i][/i]   [u][/u]   [marquee][/marquee]   [center][/center]

Some examples:

Inserting: Would display:
[b]Hello[/b] Hello
[u]Good Morning[/u] Good Morning
This is [i]Great![/i] This is Great!
The color [color=red]Red[/color] The color Red
The color [color=#FF0000]Red[/color] The color Red
[marquee]Weeeeee![/marquee] Weeeeee!
[center]Centered Text[/center] Centered Text
To use the image tag, simply enclose the image URL within the tags: [img][/img]
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