Black Opera: Time Travelling Machine

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Anybody else heard of this fairy tale... One of my friends who speaks out of his ass more than his mouth told me about this. So of course I was highly skeptical of everything he said but my curiosity was also intrigued since I like myths and conspiracy theories.

Therefore I thought sure why not talk more about it and bring it up.

This fool though was bragging saying don't ever look it up or search for it, your ip will get zapped and your pc fried so I had my laptop and handed it to him and said search for it, right there in front of his gf and friends. He searched, nothing happened nothing showed up related to what he was talking about, but it was great.

He showed me a pic of it supposedly that was in black and white and inside a huge metal looking trunk or suitcase and said it weighs 500lbs.

He also listens to Coast to Coast AM religiously.

But I figured I'd bring this machine up for shits and giggles, plus pure speculation. LoL
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Jugga~Lo-tis & You Know This!
Okay after digging around I found it, he called it black opera, but it's more famously known as John Titor's Time Traveling Machine: he also mentioned Titor a few times.

But on a more realistic side note, who knew about this?
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That article is awesome.
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Conveniently not too far ahead in the future, lest there be a need to devise more obvious changes to language and concoct a good enough history for all that's transpired since.
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Wow. All I see is b.s. Wow.
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