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well i gotta love the juggalos.....

and the

and all of my family even if they do not care for me gotta love them

got to love all faygo but not that diet sh*

and my hearse.....i would not give this b*tch up for the

i am a smoker..and not to be bad i am a chain

and i love f*ckin

and monoxide...or aka..paul that is his real

and all my homies out there i love u......

oh oh oh and i love sex too[splat][splat][jerkit][jerkit]
people who cut for other ppl to feel bad....get me so mad eminem fans...F*CK U ALL, ppl who hate gays.... haters lol wannbe's [goingnuts] and skinny chicks who think they are fat......god i would kill to be them..... [bat][countdown][sucks][uzi][goingnuts][tantrum][angrywife]
Music,, dark,ABK, kottonmouth kings anything that is like ICP
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