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Welcome to my profile, ladies and gents! <-3

My name is Viv and I'm currently 16!

For some history, I was born in Bulgaria (which is in Europe) and I lived there for 5 years of my life before I moved to Canada, which is where I currently reside!

Many people have told me that I'm too serious in life, that I study too much and that I work too much to realize that I could be having fun instead. True, but for me work comes first, and fun comes next. Once I complete something for school or for my job I feel satisfied and can enjoy myself with ease knowing that I did what has to be done.

Speaking of work, I work at the Real Canadian Superstore as an Assistant Cook for cooking programs for little kids! It's great fun and I'm learning so much for future cooking! (I actually made edible cookies!)

I have big plans for my future. I work hard in school, study and do everything possible to be the best that I can be at what I do. I have so much ambition and I know what I want in life. I'm extremely motivated to do well and complete my goals. :)

Now I must sound like such a stiff person. Aside from school related works, I'm a complete dork with my family and with my friends. I love to relax and just be myself. I don't like to be uptight, I like to have fun at every chance and go nuts!

I also love my webcam! I must have like, over 300 pictures. Haha, I love to be in front of a camera and to smile! Even if those pictures are a tad dorkish at times.

My family is the base of who I am. I love them to death. They are the people who shaped me to be who I am today and who I will be tomorrow. To my sister who recently moved out, I love you, you little dink. <-3
<-3 +[Friends and Family]+ <-3

+[Being with my family]+

+[Being with my friends]+


+[Shopping at the Mall]+

+[Acting silly at the Mall]+



+[Comedy Movies]+





+[Working at my job]+

+[and.. Juicy Fruit. :)]+


-[People who are two-faced]-

-[People who take advantage of other people]-

-[People who think they know everything]-

-[People who stare and glare at people who chose to be who they are]-

-[Bad first impressions]-



-[Mosquitoes - What are their purposes in life anyways?]-



-[Country Music]-

<-3 I love:

All-American Rejects
Angels and Airwaves
Annie Lennox
Avril Lavigne

Benny Benassi
Billy Talent
Black Eyed Peas
Breaking Benjamin

Carlos Santana
Collective Soul

Daddy Yanky
Daft Punk


Foo Fighters
Fort Minor <-3

Gnarls Barkley

Hollywood Undead
Hot Hot Heat


James Blunt
Jennifer Lopez
Jessica Simpson
Justin Timberlake

Kanye West
Kylie Minogue

Lillix <-3
Linkin Park

Matchbox Twenty
Mobile <-3 <-3
My Chemical Romance

Nelly Furtado <-3
Neverending White Lights

Our Lady Peace <-3

Pussycat Dolls


Roisin Murphy

Sean Paul
System of a Down

The Fray
The O'Jays
Three Days Grace <-3
Three Doors Down

Velvet Revolver

Zap Mama

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