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Iv ben a juggalo goin on for like 9years now and im a little bit of a freak and i really don't cair i like my self and that is all i really care about becides my homies and lettes i really don't care if u think im fat that pic is from last year but iv changed and if u don't like it then u can FUCK OFF!!!!!!!>:)

false gods death squads blind!!!!!
juggalettes,freaks, and cheerleaders,weed _________________0___________________ _________________00__________________ ________________0000_________________ _______________000000________________ ____00_________000000__________00____ _____0000______000000______00000_____ _____000000____0000000___0000000_____ ______000000___0000000_0000000_______ _______0000000_000000_0000000________ _________000000_00000_000000_________
__000000000__0000_0_000_000000000____ _____000000000__0_0_0_000000000______ _________0000000000000000____________ ______________000_0_0000_____________ ____________00000_0__00000___________ ___________00_____0______00__________>:)
Mrs. Gaietto and posers
ICP,Twiztid,Blaze,Esham,ABK,Zug Island,Kottonmouth Kings,OPM,Mindless Self Indulgence,Slipknot,Korn,kittie,afroman,afi,Velvet Revolver,bone thugs n harmony,Gorillaz, Green Day,Mudvayne, My Chemical Romance,Good Charlotte,Nine Inch Nails, Papa Roach,coal chamber,ozzy,manson,otep,pdb,opm,slayer,

that is just a sample of who i like
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