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10 things I want to do this year.

1) go to turks nd caicos
2) get a good boyfrend
3) qo to florida! =]
4) go to a lot of parties
5) make this year the best one yet
6) do better in school
7) get another dog
8) find my name plate, name ring, key to my house lol
9) help out as many people as i can
10) get a new coach bag

9 things I look for in the opposite sex.

1) good personality
2) great sense of humor
3) good lookinq
4) a sweetheart
5) fun to be around
6) smells real good
7) taller than me or my heiqht
8) nice good looking body
9) treat me the way i deserve to be treated

8 things I love.

1) my friends
2) my family
3) ice cream
4) guyss
5) vacations
6) parties
7) the beach
8) having fun

7 things I hate.

1) school/homework etc
2) math
3) know-it-alls
4) assholes/bitches
5) jerks/players
6) shit-talkers
7) rejection

6 stupid things i've done.

1) went on the roof of someones hosue nd thought no1 wuld notice
2) took a big box nd ran down a main road in it
3) decided to try iceskating on a lake i stepped on it nd fell in
4) tried to jump a fence nd got stuck nd got a big hole in my pants
5) went out at midnight wid people nd got chased by sum guy
6) ran into a fence then tripped over a big rock then slid across the ground ha
7) ran nd tripped over a step nd fell nd got rug burn on my face lol

5 of my favorite memories.

1) summer 04
2) my 13th birthdayy
3) going to all my frends parties
4) getting my first dog
5) going to turks and caicos

4 things I like to do.

1) go to the beach
2) hang out with frends
3) go shopping
4) go to parties

3 of your favorite candies.

1) reeses
2) lollipops
3) sour patch

2 things that keep me up at night.

1) thinkinq of him...
2) what i will do the next day

1 thing I wish would happen soon.

1) to get my new dog : )

*my perfect guy*

-:- his personality -:-

- his name? doesnt matter ..
- is he loud or quiet? little of both
- is he crazy or down to earth? little of both, but not stupid-crazy
- is he a dare-devil or laid back? dare-devil
- is he active or lazy? active
- is he friendly or shy? friendly
- is he popular or geeky? doesnt matter

-:- his apperance -:-

- is he a blonde, brunette, red headed or other? blonde or brunette
- is he tan or pale? tan
- is he tall or short? tall
- does he have blue, green, brown or hazel eyes? any
- is he skinny or chunky? skinny, but not scrawny lol
- is his hair short or long? short or long ut not to long
- does he have big or little feet? big...hah you know what they say about big feet
- does he have any piercings? yes
- ear pierced? yah
- eyebrow pierced? maybe
- tongue pierced? ooohhh yeahhh...heh
- or any other body part pierced? no

-:- his style -:-

- does he wear blue jeans or khakis? blue jeans
- is he punk or prep? prep
- is a gentlemen or not? yes
- would he rather wear tennis shoes or skater shoes? doesnt matter
- would he rather wear sweats or casual wear? nething
- would he rather wear t-shirts or dress shirts? both

-:- his bling -:-

- does he wear a bracelet? no
- does he wear an earring? yes
- does he wear a necklace? yes
- does he wear a ring? no

..other things i like
the color pink
holding hands
talking on the fone
playing pool wen i get the chance lol
watching movies
going to parties
going to the beach
getting tan
playing softball
going out
people that smile
people with good hair
nice eyes
good hair
a guy that smells good
guys that play the guitar
preppy guys
etc ..

-smoking is just disgusting
-people who dont know how to use a shower
-people who dont talk ajust stand there .. ur taking up space
-people who like to sit around all day doing nothing
-when people keep talking nd never stop
-guys who think its cool when they are being gross
-people who never heard of deodorant or just dont use it ew
-guys who think they can treat you however they want nd u wont care
-people who dont eat anything nd have ribs bulging out of there skin
-people who like to judge other people just on the way that they look
-people who always liek blaming things that they did on other poeple
-when people tell you that they are going to call u nd then they dont
-people who think there "the shit"
-guys who use stupid pick up lines you wuld think they ahve learned already
-people who are addicted to the computer
-people who are addicted to video games
-people who think they are good at singing when they are really not(not like i am good at it or anything lol)
-girls who like a guy and then make it so that nobody else can liek them when they have no chance with that guy .. its pointless
-when people think they are the boss of everyone else
-people who like to talk trash
-sluts .. nobody lieks them they only use them to get shit and then they toss em away so theres no point in being a slut its not cool
-guys who will do anything for some "pleasuree" hmm desperate
etc ..

all american rejects
story of the year
sugar cult
green day
jessica simpson
jesse mccartney
bow wow
the postal service
my chemical romance
christina milian
blink 182
taking back sunday
immortal technique(props to cath for that lol)
new found glory

.. muchhh muchh moree

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