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i'm the awkward woman literally crawling down the aisles of a library with my head tilted sideways to read the titles.
i'm always like 'holy hell everyone in here is smart and i'm having trouble opening this pudding cup.'

i mother people to absolute death.

i'm shy. but i counteract that by pushing myself to talk to people as openly as possible when caught in a conversation. i'd rather be uncomfortable than make someone else feel that way.
i don't understand simple answers to broad questions. i ramble without a filter.
i'm not really into meeting anyone. i kinda suck at correspondence ;/
i kinda use this site as an interactive magazine. i lurk creepily.

i'm 5'5 and a smidge. i talk with my hands, play with my lips and look at my shoes when i walk.

i'm apparently a hoot.

"Also, I think you're a basket full of sugar-coated sunshine muffins from the planet ravishing."


tl;dr version:

tea. libraries. cappuccinos.
being the passenger in a car and driving for hours. rpgs.
Scrabble. paperscraps, rhinestones and general craft store hoarding.
the constant presence of throw blankets.

word puzzle books. letter boxes are my favourite. and lucky scores. and stretch letters for the novelty. i have heaps of Penny Press Variety books around my house with only 10 or so of my choice puzzles completed.

the smell of a match after being blown out.
the yipyipyip monsters from sesame street.

standup comedy. new socks. referring to socks as footbags. aspartame.

how my boyfriend makes my childhood dream of dating leonardo dicaprio and my adult dream of aragorn meshed together a reality.

daffodils. they're silly and awkward and sunny and fleeting. like me.
oranges that do not peel well. feminism. mail.
milk does not come in bags. stop embarrassing us, east coast [nottalking]

pearl jam, rob zombie, alice in chains, def leppard, korn, moby. all sorts from all genres. i like metal/numetal/thrash, i love ambient music and i love whatever the hell clutch would be considered.
the harvestmoon series. the zeldas. pokemon (and i strongly disagree that Red and Blue were the best games. don't even). sporatic old rpgs.. chrono trigger, secret of mana, final fantasies. not because i'm a purest, but because i love how simple and unoverwhelming they were, yet i had free reign of most maps. dragonquest games.. i really really loved IX for the DS. super mario bros 3. the mario and luigi games. dragon age.

not a pedigree gamer, that's for sure.
Brandon Sanderson is my favourite author and I'm currently hyped on the Words of Radiance series.
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