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I remember this site... that old profile had to go haha, I was such a retard.
I live in Tampa FL now, professional beach bum. I love it here.
i LOVE my friends. and i can still tolerate most of my exes haha.
MUSIC; cant live without it.
poetry. i rock at poetry. you ever wanna hear some tell me ;). some is dark, but very good.

My Cologne Shrine :D (Cool Water, Drakkar, JOOP! Curve Crush ect ect)
Chics that wear sexy perfume (Cool Water for woman is amazing)
tattoes somewhat.

italians. especially tan ones
girls that wear those provocative square/rectangle glasses that are wider than their face.
cream chip beef :-p

Jim Gaffigan! So funny, me and my friend quote him all the time. 'I wish I was a film director in real life. Come home work late and my wife says "where were you?" Annnnnd CUT. Lets try this again; this time you're happy to see me and you dont care where I was. Lets try it topless this time and ACTION! *fake audience voice* "He's a jerk" '

brunettes!! [yes] [clap]
That's love guys.

you know what would be chawesome.. if people actually commented on my pics like i randomly do [yes]
non-responsive people.
shy people.
bitch-ass hoes.
ppl that dont comment back!
people that rate me a 1 because they're jealous.
druggies. potheads. im so cool lets go behind those bleachers and smoke ourselves retarded. ppl that drink WAY too much. you know, like 4 shots of liquor before they head out to WORK. or something. a lil bit is all gravvy, but i hate it when its soo much your whole breath smells like a bottle of jack daniels. [puke]
Girls that eat unhealthy or are picky eaters. If i wanna get some peanut butter crackers and you'd rather have that box of rice krispy treats, you're gone.

Girls that make stupid faces in pictures.
my biggest thing i hate is when ppl, especially my friends, say Fuck you. i will never put up with that. if you ever want to talk to me again you will never say fuck you. that is the ultimate shun/backfire/whatever you wanna call it.
almost anything. ROCK mostly. Blessthefall is my new fav. I love them. SO GOOD. Shitttt. I'll just name some random names (in ALPHABETICAL ORDER now, curtesy of Savanah lol)

..::3 Doors Down::..
..::All That Remains::..
..:: American Football::.. (check them out, great one hit wonders)
..::Andrew W.K. ..::..
..::A Static Lulluby::..
..::Avenged Sevenfold::..
..:: Bullet For My Valentine::..
..:: Bowling For Soup::..
..::Breaking Benjamin::..
..::Clay Aiken::..
..::Cold::.. (love em)
..:: Disturbed::..
..:: cd (not released) is kick ass. "Her Advice Cost Us A Life"
..::Fall Out Boy::..
..::From Autumn To Ashes::..
..::Green Day::..
..::Killswitch Engage::..
..::Senses Fail::..
..::Simple Plan::.. (dont ask)
..::Strung Out::..
..::Taking Back Sunday::..
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