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Hi there. I'm a 21 year old from wisconsin. I've been here all my life except for 4 months when i lived near louisville, ky. During my time near louisville, I started going out with a wonderful girl named Helen. Next month i'll be moving to tennessee

*message to all* So you think your all high and mighty because you can sit at home and say shit about juggalos? You aww me with just being able to be on this site. Just because ICP isn't mainstream doesn't mean they are any worse then the current top 10. ICP has been around since the early 90's. While destiny's child is breaking up and the backstreet boys are making a comeback, ICP is still out there making music and touring. How many cd's have you bought because they were in heavy rotation on the radio and mtv? Do you even listen to them anymore? Hanson, jewel, the smashing pumkins, the backstreet boys, nsync, ricky martin. Any of these albums still in your cd player? Didn't think so. Currently in my cd player is their album from 1992. The album they released in 1999 debuted at # 4 (behind the backstreet boys, ricky martin and britney spears) WITHOUT radio play or videos on mtv and is the longest running rap album in the history of the billboard 200. Not eminem, not 50 cent, not chingy or fat joe or dmx. ICP.

ICP didn't sell out like most bands. They don't have massive radio play, so it is all too easy to discount the band; however their seven certifications (two platinum, five gold) speak for themselves.

I can't help what I feel when I write so I'ma tell it
And I hope to all the haters that this shit is spreading
The only reason there's haters is cause they feel left out
No life, no home cause juggalos shut them out
So now they hide behind computers acting hard when they soft
I swear to God I hope they're fingers fall off
I can't stand them, to tell the truth I just don't need them around
So when I see ya I'ma teach ya how to get smacked down
If you ever started hating me, just fall off the earth
Because the soul your body carries really has no worth
Understand the situation homie hate me or not
Or is it yourself that you hate that's why your stomache's in knots
Always feeling left out cause you don't fit in
So now you spread around this hate and still act like a friend
But time will only tell how much your hatred grows
That's why we always screaming fuck a juggaho
Chicken, helen, tripps, ice cream, playstation, wrestling, miller lite, canada, rough sex(handcuffs, chains, and blindfolds), mosh pits-especially when preppy bitches get tossed in :) white castle, popeyes
You if your a hater. mtv, bunch of dumb shits, trying to tell me what artists to listen to. Bush. nuff said
Psychopathic!!!: ABK, ESHAM, BLAZE, ICP AND TWIZTID! Tech n9ne, wolfpac, kottonmouth kings, dark tower aslyum (they're from indy), zug izland, vanilla ice, F.I.L.T.H.E.E. immigrants.
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