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Age / Sex 25 / Female
Location Cary, North Carolina
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i don't have msn or yahoo or aim.
my name is pixie or carlie.

i am a bitch.
BUT I ONLY GIVE OUT 10s. so no, i did not just downrate you.

i like girls alot more than i like boys (but i do like boys)

i'm homeschooled. its awesome

i tend to be tipsy. . i like causing myself to be stupefied..i like to dance. i like to sing but i'm horrible sounding . i am super super shy.. i like being surrounded by people who like me. i am manipulative. i am poor . i dont cheat in relationships even though i have been cheated on . i like colors even though i tend to dress in dark clothes . my hair is always bright . i'm a freak for glitter. i don't usually wear make up. i love sexy colorful "punk rock" girls with tattoos and/or piercing .
sexy girls
cute girls
beautiful girls


picture comments
glitter, kissing, bitting, scatching, cuddling, watching cartoons, roses, blood, hot girls, pretty boys, fire, drugs, alcohol, rain, chocolate, cheese, chocolate mints, xmas lights up all year, faeries, dragons, reading, music, writing, food, warm vanilla sugar and cocoa butter lotion, dragon's blood incense, liquor, rocky horror picture show, caffine candy, same sex kissing

slugs, annoying drunks, school, fake-emo and screamo. (most of it all sounds the same, might as well all be one band!) "hardcore dancers" or what ever you wanna call it. i like to call them the spazzes fighting invisible or possibly even imaginary ninjas.
almost everything and anything.
i'm always open to listen to music i've never heard before... so if you have any suggestions of music, SUGGEST AWAY. i love music.
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