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Location shit town, North Dakota - VN
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:;;;;;;;;;:¸................,:;;;;; i am a flirty fun girly grl. i luv to hang w/
':;;;;;;;;;';'¸............,:;;;;;;; friends. totally friendly and try 2 b nice
..':;;;;;;;;;;;¸.........,;;;;;;;;: 2 every1.try 2.i am open to tlk to ne1
....`·¸:;;;;;;;¸........¸;;;;;;;;' who is interested. i am a southern grl
........`·¸:;;;;¸.......¸;;;;;:´ .born in virginia and moved around a
.............`·¸:;;¸.,.¸;;;;· ....whole bunch (military brat)but finally
.......¸.·;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; .....setteled down. almost kinda sorta
....´;;;;;´..`;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;, ....and could not be happier.i used to be a
...';;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; .... cheer leader but i ussually go 4 those
.....`:;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; .... more punky hot skater dudes.i dont
........`·.;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; ..... belong to 1 particular group i am very flirty as a leo but dont take that as being a slut bc im so not. yea and that about it i suck i mean yea fuck u lol

[uzi] [uzi] [uzi] [uzi] [uzi] [uzi] [uzi] [uzi] [uzi] [uzi] [uzi] [uzi] [uzi] [uzi] [uzi] [uzi] [uzi] [uzi] [uzi] [uzi] [uzi] [uzi]
If you would take a bullet for your best friend or the one you love, copy this into your profile.
[uzi] [uzi] [uzi] [uzi] [uzi] [uzi] [uzi] [uzi] [uzi] [uzi] [uzi] [uzi] [uzi] [uzi] [uzi] [uzi] [uzi] [uzi] [uzi] [uzi] [uzi] [uzi]
my BFF Jax(librasage03) is the coolest person ever, i love her like a sis! i love to shop and i am a shoe fannatic.i love just hanging out with friends,i am totally down to earth. i am an inviornmentalist.i dont care about what people think about me and i LOVE music. i sing and dance like crazy.
most kick ass person ever- Librasage03 "Jax"
like every one else i hope on making it big one day.i luv muscular guys and LOVE shaggy hair.i am into bad boys......but also the typicall buff football player as boy friend material. i love the color pink, and my favorite food is preety much salad or pasta. i also luv 2 swim and model.i like a guy that can carry on a convo with me. like paul he is perfect we talk for hours and never get bored! i like trees go hug one u queer!

My Crush </3
i hate cocky guys. i hate bitchy girls and i hate Drama. i am tough and i will let you kno if i dont like ur personality.i hate sdflhdsgjkaghst7iauwksnvklj cxbvi..?
I DONT LIKE BIANCAS AND BIATRESSES.......BEATRISSES MEANS MORE THAN ONE BIANCA....ECSTACY AND WILLY WONKA!...BIANCAS AND BIATERESSES ARE KNOWN 4 WETTIN MATRESSES AND BENDEN OVER ANY OLD POSITION BIANCAS AND BIATRESSES THEY LOVE THE WAY IM REPPIN THIS I DIG EM AND I PLUCK EM THEN I DIS EM.SMOKIN MARYJANE WHILE U BOUNCE TO THIS. lol yep i dont dislike too much thugh as long as ur nice. but if u down rate my well who gives a fuck about that stupid shit u jealous bitches u kno u want this. but u cant have it hahhahahaah.
i like every kind of music exept clasical.
punk-GREEN DAY, machbox20, simple plan, good charollete
new found glory,smile empty soul, sum41 and basically everything else!!!!! but i LoVe GREENDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i like gavin degraw
rap-luv the ludacris,50,crime mob,lil'wayne,chingy,ICP,TECH9,ABK!!!!!!!!!!!!
nelly,mace,m&mlol,terror squad,cierra,lil'jhon,&ying yang...
pop-jessica simpson,britney,jo jo,jesse mccartney,tyler hilton,&linsey lohan
country-some-big and rich,and tim mgraw,rascal flats
and everythin inbtween...o yea did i mention ICP!!!! THE DOORS
anything to play guitar with!~
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