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I'm Emma Parsley
brown hair
greenish eyes
and all that jazz! :)
Food Friends Family Sleep
Money Shopping Guitar Drums
Music Summer Rain Sticky Snow
Movies Boys Parties Hugs
Kisses Raspberry Vodka Candy Chocolate
Weekends Holidays Birthdays Staying up all night
Jim Sturgess South Park Yellow Submarine Across The Universe

Johnny Depp 24 The Simpsons Pirates Of The Caribbean
Elijah Wood House Seinfeld Lord Of The Rings
Kurt Cobain The Beatles Heath </3 The Nightmare Before Christmas
Taking Pictures Dancing In The Rain Making Snowmen Sunsets
Singing In The Shower Tea Coffee Sunrises

Posers School Teachers Liars
Homework Parents Cheaters Curfews
Boys Being Sleepy Winter Rap
Being Late Wind Techno Being Hungry
Humidity Country Being Bored Orlando Bloom
High School Musical Good Charlotte Epic Movie Simple Plan
Jumper Zac Efron The Last Kiss Jojo
Miley Cyrus Hilary Duff Fall Out Boy Lizzie McGuire Movie
50 Cent Massari Shawn Desmond The Jonas Brothers
Sharks Bugs Monkeys Cockroaches
Pickles The Last Day Of Summer Cold Pizza My Neighbors
Being Broke Food Basics Customers Olives Hangovers


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The Beatles Nirvana Jack Johnson
Tokyo Police Club Wintersleep Lady Gaga

Johnny Cash Jason Mraz The Clash
Kiss Led Zeppelin ACDC
Radiohead Arctic Monkeys Oasis
Neil Young Our Lady Peace Plain White T`s
Pink Floyd Sam Roberts Taj Mahal
The Temptations Stereogram The Caesers
The Kinks Tom Petty The Lonely Islands
The Zombies The Ramones Red Hot Chili Peppers
Dave Matthews Band Metallica Bob Marley
Death Cab For Cutie The Who Foo Fighters
Green Day Sex Pistols The Doors
Queens Of The Stone Age Theory Of A Dead Man Queen
Guns&Roses The Fratellis The Vines
The Hives The White Stripes Elvis Presley
Ryan Adams Coldplay MSI
Aerosmith AFI Alexisonefire
Billy Talent Beatie Boys Blink 182
Bob Dylan Counting Crows Eric Clapton
Bruce Springsteen Gorillaz Jet
Jimi Hendrix Tom Jones Metric
Rolling Stones Scissor Sisters Spice Girls
Sum 41 The Police The Ramones
The Strokes The Who Weezer
Sublime City And Color Stars

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