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Bio names Sunny...i got 2 peircings(not including ears) my eyebrow n belly button...i gotta tattoo as u can c in that pic...anything else u wanna kno just IM me on yahoo....i dropped outta skewl...but im still gettin my goin 2 GED classes n ima get my GED....if u dont like the fact that ima drop out then w/e...its my choice n u can make ur own!!....i am Wiccan if u have a problem w/that then im sorry
(x) been drunk
(_) kissed a member of the same sex
(_) crashed a friend's car
(_) been to Japan
(_) ridden in a taxi
(x) been in love
(x) been dumped
(x) shoplifted
(_) been fired
(_) been in a fist fight
(x) snuck out
(_) ever had a crush on someone of the same sex
(_) ever dated someone of the same sex
(x) had feelings for someone who didn’t have them back
(_) been arrested
(_) made out with a stranger (i dont think i have)
(_) stole something from your job
(_) celebrated New Years in Time Square
(_) gone on a blind date
(x) lied to a friend
(_) had a crush on a teacher
(_) celebrated mardi-gras in new Orleans
(_) been to Europe
(x) skipped school
(_) slept with a co-worker
(x) cut myself on purpose
(_) been married
(_) gotten divorced
(_) had children
(_) seen someone die
(_) been to Africa
(x) Slapped someone you love
(x) Driven over 400 miles to attend a show/festival
(_) Been to Canada
(_) Been to Mexico
(_) Been on a plane
(_) Seen the Rocky Horror Picture Show
(_) Thrown up in a bar
(x) Purposely set a part of myself on fire.
(x) Eaten Sushi
(_) Been snowboarding
(x) Met someone in person from the internet
(_) Been moshing at a concert
(x) had real feelings for someone you knew only online
(_) been pregnant or got someone pregnant
(_) lost a child
(_) gone to college
(_) graduated college
(_) tried killing yourself
(x) taken painkillers
(x) intentionally burned oneself
(x) love someone or miss someone right now
(_) went to a prom
(_) Bungee jumped
(_) have been to a pop concert
(_) have dated someone for a year or more.
(_) sold naked pictures of yourself
(_) been in a car accident
(x) Slept in the nude
(x) eaten cheesecake
(_) had jury duty
(x) hated someone without knowing them.
(_) been to Maine
(_) shot a real gun
(_) had sex with someone within a week of meeting them
(x) made out with someone within 5 days of meeting them
(_) done ecstasy
(x) gotten my ass kicked
(x) been caught smoking
(x) milked a cow
(x) got in a verbal fight
(x) cheated on someone
(_) lied one time in this survey
(_) Threw a party at a friends house when they were gone
(_) Done something w/ a friends bf/gf
(_) Done something w/ a bf/gf's sibling
(x) Committed a major crime
(x) Dated someone older than you are
(x) Gotten in trouble w/ the cops
(_) ran away
(x) Ever given someone a hicky
(x) Ever gotten a hicky
(x) Ever got super drunk
(x) Went skinny dipping
(x) Lied about where you're going
(_) Ever lied about your age
(x) Ever been pantsed
(_) Had mono?
(x) Beer bonged
(_) Got into a physical fight w/ a parent

1. ~*No_Es_AmOr*~
2. _AnDrEe_
3. Plastics
4. jessiebee
5. xIamRoRysx
6. MyBloodFalls
7. Italian_beauty2
8. xlilxmissyx
9. PinkSodA
10. La_Femme
11. _((angelEyez))_
12. MidNyteWInd
13. -x0x-VixeN-x0x-
14. Powderpuff
15. xXHellsAngelXx

~*a few of my poems*~

[Lost in a Memory]

Lost in a memory of u n me
u n me 2gether smiling laughin just happy
I miss ur arms around me
I miss ur smile n kiss
The way we joked n were so playful
But im just here lost in only a memory of u n me



Whe I tell u "I love u" u kno itz true
But now we live hundreds of miles away
Can u still feel the love i have for u?
It's still strong n maybe growing
I just wish I could show u the love i still have 4 u



oh no the parents calling
drop the razor blade
hide ur wrists
all they see is the blood
blood dripping
dripping off my wrist onto the floor
they dont notice my sorrow and pain
they just see the blood dripping on the floor
they watched me fall to my death
all thats left of me is my lifeless body n the blood on the floor



i wish i could feel ur soft touch
i wish i could taste ur sweet kiss
i wish i coul hear the beat of ur heart
i juss wish i could wake up by ur side & feel ur body next 2 mine & kno we'll b 2gether 4-ever

[If I Lost U]

if i lost u
i donno how i'd survive
if i lost u
i'd have nothing to live 4
if i lost u
i think i would die
if i lost u
i dunno what i'd do....
i dun wanna find out either
better believe it when i say "i love u"
b/c its tru i never wanna lose u
shoppin...talkin on the phone...sword fighting....wresteling around...chillin w/my homies...smokin out...talkin with new guys they're such great friends n like so kewl...RED SOX!!
GUYZ who:
are funny
good personality
great sence of humor n can laugh about nething
dont mind my dumb moments
have peircings n tattoos *drools*
annoying ppl...stinky ppl(i mean get real thats why u have a bath tub and soap!)....ppl who say they can skate n then fall straight on their ass not even goin newhere.....ppl that dont READ my profile n c me on cam n like u smoke?!?!? duh! just read my profile dork....i agree w/cali287164 on the whole not supporting the troops if u dont support the troops then u suck! [countdown] .....when ppl downrate u sayin u downrated them n u didnt what assholes!! ....POSERS!!!
racist fucks
Pres. Bush
gun shots at night when im tryin 2 sleep!!
bein hurt

GUYZ who:
think they're the shit
that critize what everybody says
beat on girls
use girls just for sex
think they're always right no matter what
are too fuckin jelous(example: i have alot of guy friends n still talk to my ex's n my bf wants to get all jelous b4 he knows anything*grrr* )
who use other girls to get their ex's jelous
[countdown] [countdown] [countdown] [countdown] [countdown] [countdown] [countdown] [countdown] [countdown] [countdown] [countdown] [countdown] [countdown]
rap...r&b...rock like:
NB Ridaz

Linkin Park

Puddle of Mudd
System of a Down


Snoop Dogg

Blink 182


3 Doors Down
Baby Bash

spanish rock
lotz more
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