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[/color] names brittiny im 15 and from sarnia..which if u dont know already is in a very nice person most the time so ask for my msn addy if u wanna chat[color=#FF99FF] [smile] [bigsmile]
[/color]hmmm...well i like shopping, hanging with my friends,making new friennds,going to the beach..mainly just having a good time[color=#FF99FF] [woot]
[/color]..uhm i hate ppl who think they are better than everybody else and ppl who always have to get into ur business...i also hate spiders and storms lol[color=#FF99FF] [bigsmile]
[/color] i listen to everything...i like rap..mainly the ying yang twins..i like country..keith urban and other singers i like are shawn mcdonald, melissa o;neil,young jeezy and many others[color=#FF99FF] [carrot] [band]
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