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My Baby Devin Allen Lance Dublin was born on June 7th 2006. He is my world i love him so much!!!!

I'm 20. Geez everything i can think to write here i already said. So yea just some random shit. like drinking Jager, partying and shit like that.
According to my friends and family i'm weird, funny, some what cute, and i'm one of a kind you just have to get to know me to understand half of who i am. Just reading this won't do u a lot of good unless u like it and talk to me. So yea wow i bet i'm boring you if ur even reading this. OH one thing i'm a SMART ASS so yea. Well hit me up if u interested.
**Even ugly girls make it to the top 5... 03-09-05. Made #2. Yay! go me! Thanks everyone who voted. And FUCK the Haters that downrated me** I like hot guys, sweet guys, CUDDLING is a must!!
~CARS~ Skyline GTR! Toyota Supra
~MALLS~ mall of GA
[wee]~DRIVING AROUND~ [wee]
Emili & Sabrina
Laurin & Me
Laurin, Brittany, Cassie, Me

umm yea that's all i can think of right now. get to know me and u'll know more.
YOU!!! lol just kidding.... well there is a chance that i don't like you but i guess i'd have to get to know you first to see if i hate u. my face for my dislikes hehe
Jealousy!! Get over it and grow up.

People who judge me before they know me. Please dont break my heart
*** Damn people on here that say they rated you but i know damn right they are lying cause my votes hasn't changed. I HATE lairs with a passion.*** No need to lie to me if u don't like me then fucking tell me i can take it have been. So grow up and stop
Music Tupac Simple Plan Ludacris Kenny Chesney Lil Jon & the eastside boys

I don't want to be here all day so basically anything that sounds good that the time i am listening to something. I like Rap, Rock, country, techno, and all that other good shit.
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