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Name alex

Nickname wicked, physco the wicked clown, preacher

Age 16

Are you single nope and wont be for a long time

Birth of the day 12-24-88

Weapon of choice frying pan ar a hatchet

Grade in School 11

Eyes green

Height 6' 2"

Weight 165

What is your race ninjuggalo

What is your worst i have many like no more icp losin my girl and some other random shit

Do you smoke what you think

Do you drink only when i need to

you use drugs what you think

Have you ever stolen yes

Do you have any tattoos and/or piercings on the days i want them

Do you suffer from depression yes

The way i wanna on a battel feald if i cant by erica

Have you ever tried to commit suicide Yes

Have you ever purposely caused harm to yourself Yes

Are you a paranoid person yes when it comes to guys around my erica

Are you a violent person oh yah

Do you take your anger out on other people the ones i dont like

What is your favorite color green and black

[/color]What is your favorite drink faygo and teas

Do you own a pair of Converse hell no

Do you own a pair of Dickies yes i do 4 pair of black

Would you ever kill yourself or someone else yes

Are you kinky dont know

Do you like biting ummm biteing uhhh i like to bite yes

Do you masturbate only when i have to

Do you watch porn nope not no more

Are you a virgin no

Sexual prefrence straight

Have you ever dyed your hair an unusual color i did the tips blue purple and silver

Hair color now red

Are you religious yes but not any of those gay ass ones

Do you have any self inflicted scars yes

Does pain turn you on some times but it depends

do you like meeting new people if they rep the hatchet then yes

What do you like most about life the juggalo family

Have you ever pierced a body part yourself yas all the time but then i take them out cuz i think of it as only a day thing

Do you own a car yes

Have you been to jail yes and come close so many other times for real serious things

Are your clothes held together with safety pins used to till my mom took them

Have you ever vomited while making out came real close one time

Do you own more than two pair of jeans yes black jinco

Have you ever had to fuck stuff up for no good reason yes i fuck up alot of things

Have you ever been kicked out of your parents house close

Do you like malls nope i hate them i go to them some times to see some friends

How often do you get angry and want to beat things all the time i fealike i am going to kick the shit out of the whole world

favorite game gun games and rpg's

job none now but going to the millitary

dream to become the next icp so that i could have juggalos look up to me like i look up to violent j and shaggy 2dope

sports foot ball,paint ball,snowboarding,bmx,bladeing,hard core mountin bikein,doin stupid stunts

and some other shit that you do not care about not like you read all this any way


doin stupid stunts paintball
chllin smokin movies that have blood guns or war madd props to them evin if they do make it hard to log in as a dj
the once existing the woods

payson where i used to live fishin hunting

guns fast things
flirting how do you think i got my butefull girl
being with homies
being my girl friend who i love veary much evin if she thinks i dont or what ever
adrinilinethat may be why i do dumb stunts
this list could go on forever backstabbers kids called ben haters juggahoes juffalos feminem mtv any thing that has to do with mtv now is fuckin gay ass hell i hate it ahhhhhhha i hate mtv damn you mtv and you comunist ideas spelling school home work WORK in jenral democrats ciggarets people malls preps that hate icp and any other juggalo or stoner you hate juggalo family i hate you!!!!!!!!!and i hate geting played out. being sad not haveing icp to liseten to i also hate people who hit on my girl friend i catch you dion it and you will veary sorry you stare in the wrong way at her
i will rip out your eyes touch her in the rong way i will snap your arms off and beat you with them till you die a bloody death i also do not like geting beat on by chiks do not like juggahoes haters of icp and people who like well r fake as they come
[color=#FF0000][color=#33CC00]ICP[/color][/color] twiztid zug izland e-sham AbK kotton mouth kings disturbed rob zzombie power man 5000 marilin manson tec n9ne f.i.l.t.h.e.e. immagrants but u probly dont know who they r no there not punk there rap and any other psychopathic records group like the psycopthic rydas
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