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Updated: Apr 16, 09 Pictures (22)
*im 20
*im a junior at Ohio University (not Ohio State)
*i have problems
*i dont care to discuss them
*ive been through a lot
*i love helping people
*i love to sing
*i dont think im good at it
*i love dancing
*im one of the best freestyle dancers u will talk to
*i love cooking
*i plan to make a career of it
*i will do anything for my friends
*i like being independent
*i kickbox
*ive done a few sports
*these include but r not limited to gymnastic, soccer, karate, and softball
*i played football my senior year
*i was on the step team
*and i was in choir for 6 years
*i work as a waitress
*i love my puppy
*i also love my kitty
*i can do anything i set my mind to
*i am in honors and college prep classes
*ive never had lower than a B
*i have 4 best friends
*one of my best friends moved to japan and one moved to michigan
*my 2 best friends r weird
*we have become an inseparable trio

*i breakdance
*i am strong
*i can lift almost 2 times my weight
*i hate haters
*that does counterdict itself
*i love challenging myself
*i refuse to give up
*within 2 months of driving i have had 2 different cars
*i dont work out unless im bored
*when i do work out i really push myself
*i have brown eyes
*i hate having brown eyes
*my eyes do change colors wit my mood
*Blondie is my favorite 80s rock group
*Tupac is good but i dont think he is the god of rap music
*i still rock out to backstreet boys, nsync, spice girls, etc with my friends
*i dont care what people think of me
*if u talk about me it means im still on ur mind
*i randomly spin in circles when im bored
*i love life
*people think i should be a cheerleader
*i sometimes watch shows that r older than me
*i fish, bodyboard, and try to skim board
*Twinsburg is ruining kids lives one day at a time
*i hate being in pictures
*unless im hyper or bored
*i hate being wrong
*if u think im wrong i will argue with u til i prove myself right or u give up
*i love debating
*i dont normally get along wit other girls

*i love watching movies
*i like cuddling
*i run around outside when it rains
*i am a dork
*i admit it
*i hate being alone physically
*i like reading
*especially poems
*i am more intelligent than i seem
*i dye my hair cause i like it darker
*i dont want to change anything about myself
*i am NOT cocky
*i have low self esteem
*i am myself
*i dont conform to people
*with the exception of having a myspace
*i love basketball
*my favorite team is the cleveland cavs
*i like football too
*i like the philadelphia eagles and the atlanta falcons
*i have ocd
*i get along with guys way better than i do with girls
*if i dont like u i will still be nice
*unless u get me pissed off
*i can be a major bitch
*i try not to be for the most part
*i am upfront and honest
*i dont like answering questions directly
*if its a yes or no question i will say maybe or idk
*i hate snow

*i would rather be hot than cold
*i hate odd numbers
*with the exception of things ending in 5
*i am weird
*i love the south
*i like being different
*i listen to underground music
*i am pretty much the complete opposite of my friends
*in my close group of friends everyone can be labeled as something different
*i have 15 piercings but ive had 16 different ones
*4 on each ear my left tragus through the center of my right ear my belly button twice my nose my cartiledge or whatever and my tongue but i used to have the back of my neck done
*i pierced my nose myself
*i have 4 tattoos too
*one says Regret Nothing the other says DGAF with a spade and then i have roses on my hips
*i want 2 more tattoos
*i am flexible
*i eat A LOT
*i sleep under a blanket no matter how hot it is
*it makes me feel protected
*i love my phone
*in 3 1/2 years ive had 9 different phones
*i think about life a lot
*i do believe in fate
*i sleep naked sometimes
*i like to drink
*but i only drink vodka and caribou lou
*i have had more "relationships" than i can remember
*the oldest guy i "dated" was 5 years older
*the youngest was 6 months and 1 week younger

*i like to bite [wink]
*i dont like seeing other peoples blood
*i quit drinking pop/soda w/e u wanna call it
*i am moving to socal when i graduate college
*i might join the army
*when someone scares me i jump but dont scream
*i like being different
*even if its in the smallest way
*every guy i know agrees im not like other girls
*so even though a lot of girls say that i have people to back me up on it
*sometimes i do things just to get people mad
*sometimes i do things just to see how people react to it
*i yell random things out of my bedroom window at people when im bored
*im not ticklish anymore
*when im alone in my room i pretend to be a model
*70%-80% of my friends r guys
*my family means everything to me
*i go to concerts a lot
*i like to go to clubs with my friends
*i like to wear heels
*my favorite part of me is my ass
*i wear heels to make my ass look better
*i am kinky when i want to be
*i love the people i work with
*i bet anyone who actually reads this wont care bout any of it
*i AM a subnoize soulja
*my favorite colors are red black and green
*i love SRH clothes
*i am spoiled and i know it but theres is a reason i am
*each time the color changes on here is 30 different things
~southern guys
~guys who r proud of their heritage
~blue eyes
~green eyes
~dark hair
~a guy who takes care of himself
~short hair
~clean cut
~guys who go for more than looks
~"skinny" guys
~sweet guys
-over confidence
-fat people scare me (no offense to anyone)
-red or orange hair
-a guy only going for looks
-someone only centered on sex
-long hair
-thinking lesser of a person
-a guy trying to be in charge
i listen to pretty much anything whether i like it or not
+underground stoner rap
+hip hop
+german rap
+hardcore punk
+hardcore rock
+80s rock
+hardcore rap
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