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Yup that's me up there in all my glory! haha I'm Allison.I am 18 yrs old.I know I don't look it at all.I look damn 13,is that a good thing? ((Hope so)) But yeah the rest is below so take a look. and if you im me..please have something to talk about.
Well Lets
I like,no love my best friend Victoria! xovictoriaox rate her a 10!!! (( You r the best)) ANYWAY.I love guys who can make me laugh.((big plus)) A guy who can keep a conversation going more than 10 mins. A guy has to respect her for her. Be honest,and truthful.Have similar likes and opinions. Have a great smile and eyes.((I am sucker for that.)) A guy has to get along with everyone or be a gentleman. A guy has to resepect her religon or ways of life.I like guys with a hearty appiete! And being in good health is always good.
I hate smartass guys.(( because I am bigger one than you hehe))I hate cheaters!! I don't like guys who think they look better than the girl or anyone.Or if you think your a pimp or a player and talk shit to a girl and disrecpect her in better not let me know.And I hate when guys ask girls sexual stuff thats our personal dont do it.
I hate when guys dont take baths everyday or keep clean or nasty breath or teeth..keep it clean ok!
I love just about any music
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