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So, name's jessica, obviously [please don't call me Jessy]. I have short black and blonde hair, blue eyes; I'm somewhat short - 5' 4 & a half-ish. I have 5 tatts (many more to come) and 11 piercings [3 in each lobe, 2 in left cartilage, right industrial, nose, & tongue - used to have more, but I get bored of them and take them out eventually lol].

Music is my life, in my blood, without music I would seriously be in a mental institution. I love blink 182, I'm a huge fan, and I have the BIGGEST crush on Tom Delonge; I admire and respect him sooo much, for his talent, performance and just overall personality. They're music has got me through the shittiest and hardest times in my life and still are to date, they're the ones that have helped me stay sane through all the bull shit in my life.

I pretty much enjoy doing typical stuff, hanging out with friends, drinking with the girls, shopping and spending money, getting my nails done, painting my nails, makeup, lip gloss/lipstick, dyeing my hair, driving around with the girls and being stupid. I'm fairly easy going, but don't like people easily, not anymore; and I definately don't trust easily. I loathe liars, thieves and drug addicts/alcoholics and let's face it, these days, most people have at least one of those qualities.
I'm not a fan of the bar scene but I'll sometimes go if I'm up for it and aren't broke, which is quite frequent these days.

I love the movies, anything about movies, movie gossip; I like to keep myself up to date and keep increasing my knowledge about actors & whatnot, the movie biz is quite interesting to me and I love celeb drama.
I'm blunt and up front about pretty much anything, so if you hate the truth, don't ask this girl then.

Yah I'm rad; eat your heart out.
That's hot...

makeup/lip gloss
nice smiles
Call Of Duty <-3
The Vampire Diaries
Go to hell...

rancid smelling people
snooty girls
animal cruelty
Miley Cyrus
bad music
sticky residue [left from stickers] UGH!
gross teeth
blink 182
lady gaga
the used
lil wayne
nicki minaj
smashing pumpkins
spice girls
death from above 1979
green day
ill scarlett
the doors

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