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Taurus xxjessika04xx Offline Verified
Love Status In love
Age / Sex 28 / Female
Location macon, Georgia
Member Since December 28, 2004
Last Online May 22, 2006
Sexuality Heterosexual
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Forum title In the E-womb
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Updated: Feb 10, 06 Pictures (18)
[b]Whats up yall my name is Jessika I'm 75% white & 25% puerto rican.I'm not in highschool anymore because I quit that bullshit, so i went and got my GED.. I'm 18 from Georgia (yeah I have a southern accent). I got blonde/brown/black hair (shit it changes so much i just put them all) ,baby blue eyes (yes they're naturally blue), um I'm 5'4'' or 5'5''(yeah I'm short and I hate it!) I have 5 peircings (Both of my ears, cartilege, belly button, and tongue). I got my tongue pierced on my birthday its pretty cool but it hurt like hell...i would of rather bought like a couple cute shirts or somethin w/ that $40 lol but i like it.

*~*~*~*~*~*~*~* <-3 <-3 <-3 <-3 ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~

My favorite color is pink, I love girly things but I'm not too girly. I LOVE cars and ridin fourwheelers and goin mud boggin, shit like that so I'm not too girly. when it comes to clothes, makeup, jewlery, and things like that it has to be the best always, Im not high maintenace I just have to look good ( well try to lol).

*~*~*~*~*~*~*~* <-3 <-3 <-3 <-3 ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~

I'm a really blunt person and I might hurt ur feelings but dont ask if you dont want to know..know what I mean? good. I love to party, I only drink though not alot but I do, I DONT smoke weed or do any kind of drugs, thats stupid as fuck to me..and I dont hang out with people who do.
I'm really sweet and all that good shit but I can be a bitch if u fuck with me..which is not a good idea ;) I'm very impatient and jealous (not of girls, just of whats mine) but thats okay cuz I take lexapro for that (lol).

WELL...if I havent scared you away yet and u dont think I'm a bitch..then leave me a message and IM me sometime lol <-3

*Fun and funny*
*Can have a good converstation*
*ONLY White guys or white/hispanic*
*Pretty eyes*
*Skinny guys*
*The V thing...omg!!!*
*goth guys*
*preppy guys*
*sexual guys but not too much of a perv*
*Can be serious but can have a playful side too.*
*Drug free (lol)*
*Nonalcoholic (drinking is cool but not too much)*
*Southern Accents...omg!!*


*Lowered trucks (especially airbagged)*
*Import cars*
*The color pink*
*showing off in my car (lol yeah I'm cool)*
*Stayin out real late during the summer with my crazy ass friends*
*Doin prank calls (Right Tallon? wow thats some funny shit)*
*Mud boggin*
*swimming at night*
*Listening to music*
*Car shows*
*Clear lipgloss*
*Sexy guys*
*Riding around*
*Making people laugh*
*embarrassing people in public (Tallon remember Kroger lol I wont tell nobody else I swear)*
*Being with my friends*
*Going to the beach*



*Most females (because its too much drama)*
*When girls say size doesn't matter...UM yes it does... girls be honest...who wants a 5 incher?!*
*Fake personalities*
*Northern accents*
*Dirty shoes*
*People who can't dress*
*People who wear black w/ brown (thats a BIG negative)*
*People who are "EMO"(what the fuck is that!!)
*Hippies (okay...its 2005 not 1965!)*
*People who are starting to dress like they're in the 80's(AGAIN ...2005)*
*Really perverted guys*
*Trashy people*
*Trailor Parks*
*Ugly cars*
*Old people*
*The dark*
*Staying home*
*Washing dishes*
*People who try to start shit, and try to fight me..haha thats funny cuz all I got to say about that is COME GET U SOME!*
*When people think that people from the south are stupid...yeah, we're stupid...and ur fuckin ignorant!*
Music my baby JR! I LOVE YOU


-black crowes
-stone temple pilots
-against me!
-3 inches of blood
-futher seems forever
-pink floyd
-bob marley
-3 doors down
-allman brothers
-greatful dead
-the killers
-tim mcgraw
-lynyrd skynyrd
-kenny chesney
-lil jon
-three 6 mafia

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